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The Yarn Harlot is coming to town.  Okay, not exactly my town, but a town only three hours away!  Cursingmama and I were just discussing the banding together and demanding that there be a Harlot Tour stop in our neck of the woods... her side of the Mississippi or mine, it didn't matter.  Turns out, we didn't have to band or demand, and it'll be on my side, but closer to her!  I was right on top of Yellow Dog Knitting's blog post today, announcing the stop on September 10th in Eau Claire.  I'm so excited to share the news -- so fresh it isn't even on Stephanie's tour page yet!

This is so right...  I have my own Hand Knit Ring because I laid a huge hint (possibly a filled-out order form) at DH's feet after seeing it on Stephanie's Gifts for Knitters series way back in December 2004.  DH ordered it from Yellow Dog Knitting -- our most local source -- and Dixie bent over backwards to make sure I had the right ring in the right size by the right day!  I met Dixie last year when I stopped at the shop on my way to visit my sister -- it's a great shop with a fantastic staff.

In March of '05, Stephanie posted about the goddess (her word) Joyce Williams, author of Latvian Dreams (scroll down a bit).  Little more than a month later, Joyce signed my copy of the book when I took three of her classes at the spring Midwest Master's Seminar. We also admired each other's Hand Knit Ring... just guess where Joyce bought hers!

I'll be attending Midwest Master's again this fall, later in September, taking classes from none other than Fiona Ellis.  Honestly, I sometimes feel like the woman knows me.  Oh, and there are other similarities.  Too weird.

Okay, enough about that.  I'm excited.  I'll try to contain myself in the coming weeks.  ; )

In other news...

Elizabeth has the coolest picture posted here... the one that looks like a flock of ghostly birds, but is really dew-laden spider webs, which also look a lot like knitting.  Huh, isn't hard to figure out Knitting Nature, is it?

Besides having two of the cutest grandsons in all of knitblogland, you may recall that Elizabeth was the mastermind behind the Knitting Bloggers' Cookbook, which (did you know?) has it's very own BLOG.  I'm droolin'.

One of my across-the-lake neighbors to the east, Susie, is having a contest -- go check out Summer Sock Yarn Doldrums and make your best guess for a chance to win a skein of her beautifully dyed yarn.  Hurry up, though, you've got to take your stab by noon tomorrow!

Did I mention that the Harlot Tour is coming this way?



I'm very jealous that you get to see the Harlot. I caught her twice on the first book tour but I have not seen her since. She's so much fun in person.


It's nice to see someone excited about something. Thank you!


You will L.O.V.E. Fiona Ellis, I took a class from her in Calgary a few years ago and it was faNTASTIC!! She is funny, smart, and sooo good! It was very inspirational. And you will love the YH too, another Canuck btw :)
I didn't realize Susie was a "neighbour" of yours, that is cool. She & I have been corresponding and swapping yarn for a year or more! Great lady too.


I've blocked the day out on my I just have to tell the husband why there's a big X on that particular day. I wonder if I can get him to do the driving so I can knit all the way there and all the way back!
This is so awesome!

Cindy B

Vicki! So excited about the Harlot News. I was thinking I would have to go to the cities to see her too. Now she's coming to town! Yeah! I can't wait. I will most definitely see you there. Hey have you been to Butternut lately?


The closest that Harlot is getting to me is over four hours away (prob. seven once you get caught in SF Bay traffic snarls); only on rare occasions such as this would it be better to live in a city. I just might have to find me one of those very cool rings...


Thanks for the heads up on the Harlot heading to Eau Claire. Hopefully she'll make it to the Twin Cities, but if not...

Amy Lu

Hello Vicki!!! I'm ba-aaack!

I'm so glad you're coming to Midwest Masters! Maybe we can do lunch! I still haven't decided on which classes, I'm signing up officially today.

I still haven't been over to my site yet, but I'll update soon.

It feels so great to be re-connected!

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