I made a second batch of Roasted Tomato Sauce last night.  I had DH on garlic duty, while I chopped (and cried over) onions -- using lots more of both than last time.  I used up the rest of my purple basil, most of the fresh parsley, and much more dried oregano, rosemary and whatever else, plus a few shakes of salt and pepper.  I also used the green pepper.  Just before I set the timer for the last 45 minutes of roasting, I added the mushrooms that I'd bought at the market last Saturday, but had forgotten about when I made the first batch!

It was late by the time it came out of the oven, so I let it cool slightly then scooped it into freezer bags and put it in the 'fridge overnight.  Katie was asking if there was a way to make it thicker, but still chunky.  Even though I pureed some and combined it all together the first time, it was still a pretty thin sauce.  (But oh, so very tasty.)  Having never made tomato sauce the old fashioned way, I'm guessing that it just cooks all day on the stove 'til it reaches the desired consistency.  That's not what we're going here, though, so another option would be to drain off some of the liquid.  After I scooped the still very chunky sauce into the bags last night there was a lot of the liquid left in the pan, so I poured it into a smaller freezer bag and will save it for adding to chili or some other suitable soup this winter, in place of water.  Tonight, I will drain off more liquid from the bags in the 'fridge (to freeze and save for later, of course) before pureeing and we'll see how that turns out.

There was no knitting yesterday.  A couple of rounds on the not-so-fussy sock at WW is all (still haven't reached that elusive first 10, though down a little after last week's gain and boy-oh-boy was I ever surprised at that).  I'm still feeling off and still stuffy.  Sleep was fitful last night, the house erupting at midnight with whatever all the things three young women would be doing at that hour -- including talking in loud voices and laughing -- and my own first-I'm-hot, now-I'm-cold tossing and turning and wrestling with the covers.  They say that this, too, shall pass.  Guess what?  I'm ready.  All of it can pass now.  Maybe knitting tomorrow.

Hey, I forgot to mention that I saw my brother over the weekend.  It was six months on Monday that the accident occurred.  He is now back to work four hours a day, three days a week.  He's holding on; some days are pretty good, some are pretty bad, a lot depends on what they've got him doing (none of it is too heavy-duty).  He and his wife were in the area because of his company picnic.  Michael has worked for a very large insurance company here for quite a few years and the company, spearheaded by a few of Mike's amazing coworkers, has been extremely generous in helping them these past months.  Anyway, Michael said that every.single.person at that company -- from the tippy-top echelons to the most recent trainee -- now knows him; his story has been told and re-told countless times, and his face plastered on fundraising signs.  He said that it's a very, very weird thing.



It's great to know that Michael is getting the support he should at work.

Bookish Wendy

Try a really good quality tomato paste. In the absence of cooking it to death that is probably your best bet.


It's great to get a Michael update. It's so great that he has tons of support!


Six months? Wow...so much has happened in that time. I mean, for all of us. I wonder how it feels for him though. What a wonderful company to treat him like that. Makes you wish there were more out there like that. Congrats to Michael and well wishes to him.


Great news about your brother! Glad to hear he's doing so well.
I'm attempting the tomato sauce today- I think I'll add tomato paste, and some corn kernels. Sounds nutty, but I made a fresh tomato soup last week that had kernels from 3 ears of corn in it, and after pureeing it was so smooth and velvety. My husband swore there was cream in the sauce- nope, just starch from the corn. Anyway, I'm going to give it a go! Love the dishcloth too- better not let my girls see them or there will be demands...


You could also strain out some of the pureed sauce through like cheese cloth or muslin or something and then it would be pretty solid and then add it back in, making the over all thickness of the sauce greater :) That sounds so good! I may have to make some.


So behind on life....but I am so glad to read about Michael. How 'bout a funny story to accompany the update...loved them. :)


love your line "Guess what? I'm ready. All of it can pass now."
that's a keeper!


i'm really happy with my first batch. to make it thicker -- you might want to try smaller amounts in the roasting pan. i used 2 roasting pans so the tomatoes were spread out more and it got VERY thick.

i think mine was a good first try. i will add less oregano next time (i used fresh and it was powerful) and even more garlic. i love how flexible it is though, and how simple it is to make.

ps - glad to hear michael is still progressing so well. 6 months -- it's amazing!


Glad to hear the Michael continues to recover. Well, since I have two partial boxes of tomatoes sitting around waiting to be canned, I think I will try this one out and use a little lemon juice for acid so I can hot water bath can it -- we'll see

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