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Socks.  I could not love the first Celtic Braid Sock more.  I'm not feeling the love with the second... at all... and it's because of the yarn.  There was hardly any pooling at all in the first sock -- I'd be hard-pressed to point out a single spot -- the color and pattern is pretty much even throughout.  It's darn near perfect.  But the second one -- I have one braid that's almost solid pink-ish and the other one that's all peppered with the black.  I don't like it.  They are not going to look at all like a pair.  I wouldn't mind the pooling if I was using wild and crazy colors, or even bright -- I'd kind of expect it then -- but this is a very subdued, classy colorway and I don't want wild and crazy, or Jekyll and Hyde.  Is there any fix, solution, trick to try?  Remember, for an old(-er than most of you) dog, I'm a relatively new sock knitter -- but I can learn new tricks.  Who's got a trick up their sleeve?

Somewhere, I will make note of the fact that yesterday, having discovered said pooling and noting my displeasure with it, I put the sock down.  I did not, with willful ignorance, continue knitting fruitless rounds or cabling that Celtic braid, hopeful that "it will all work out."  It won't.  Nothing is going to fix what's already been done and a solution will likely require starting over.  I know that now.  Huh, I think I finally learned somethin'!  Red Letter Day.  (Let's hope I remember the lesson.)

A Knitted Lacy Round Cloth, recently seen at Smatterings, is being worked in the meantime and is intended to go with Ali to college, along with a Mason-Dixon warshrag from a while ago -- maybe more.  She has dishes, but I bet she hasn't thought about washing them...  she'll have the most recognizable dishcloths in the dorm.  This Sunday is moving day.  I'm happy/sad.

I have the necessary 60" circular needle in my possession and I tried -- once -- over the weekend to do the moebius cast-on.  I get confused about front legs and back legs and I get a big length of yarn between the two needles and then I can't be sure exactly what I'm knitting into and...  I really need to look over someone's shoulder.  It could also be a concentration thing -- after getting the needle dipping and point just-so and winding the yarn all around that tied-up needle, I kind of lose it when it comes to the actual act of knitting.  Oh, the longer needle sure makes a big difference.  Amy Lu!  I've been in touch with my cohort who wishes to accompany me to Bahr Creek to see the llamas and the yarn the fiber and YOU and we're coming -- either Open House Weekend or (I think more likely) an upcoming Thursday night.  We will be writing it on our calendars in pen, and I will let you know!  Will you show me how to do this crazy moebius thing?

Fantasyfootball_4_2So then, Are You Ready For Some Football?  I have joined a Fantasy Football League with fellow crafty football enthusiasts, led by the incomparable Vera, and we even have our own blog here:  Needles, Hooks and Yarn.  I'm a total rookie, but I hope to have some fun!

Red_scarf_project_1We're only half-way through the pre-season, and there's 16 weeks of regular season, not to mention the post-season -- I should be able to crank out a few red scarves to warm the necks of some college kids.  I enjoyed knitting a scarf for this effort last year.  Maybe I'll do this in lieu of Christmas gift knitting this year, of which I still have a little from last year to finish (and except maybe something for Mack).  This, too, has its own blog and is spearheaded by none other than my Peace (Fleece)-loving pal Norma.

Oh, and while I'm in the linky mood -- don't forget... if you're in the area and you plan to attend the Yarn Harlot talk and book-signing event at Yellow Dog in Eau Claire on September 10th, go there and RSVP (that page also has linked driving directions from various directions)!


Amy Lu

Of course I'll help you with your moebius. Would you mind helping me with the tomato recipe? I might not have copied it down correctly, but did you peel your tomatoes first? I have 8 lbs organic tomatoes, only 2 onions (I think I might go out for more) and the only fresh herb I have is basil.

I'm very excited. I can't wait to make this sauce!


No picture of the banished second sock? C'mon, please?


I'm glad to have you in the Fantasy league. Don't worry about being a rookie. it's easy, but addictive. This is my second year. I had so much fun last year, I thought it'll be fun to play with my fellow crafters.

I have that sock pattern, but it's on my long "to do". I'm thinking about a solid color, perhaps in Carolina Panthers blue.


I'm so sorry about the sock!!! I wish I had a fix for you, but the only thing I can think of would mean ripping the first sock (then alternating skeins) and that probably won't do. What about if you start from the other end? Or, can't you knit from both sides of a center pull ball - alternating rows from each end? That might help a bit.

That's all I got. I hope you can make it work for you. L, C


I love Fantasy Football! When is your draft?

My team (Broadzillas) came in third the last two years. In the money, as it were.

Can we see the pooling? I started (finally) my first jaywalker and I am in love with the striping - Trekking xxl colorway 135 - but I just turned the heel and am expecting it to turn to yuck RSN.


Have you thought about frogging that area , snipping out the offensive yarn and retying it at a better color in the yarn? Save the snippet for darning the heel some years down the line...

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