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Waiting for my deluge

We were supposed to have a deluge overnight; we're lucky if we had a sprinkle.  My sister had a deluge yesterday and, oh, they sure need it -- far northern Wisconsin is suffering severe to extreme drought conditions.  It looks as though most of the weather is passing through to our north -- we're right "on the line."  I would just like it to pass, please, and let the cooler air come in!  /weather

Dsc08013 Dsc08017

Today, it's official:  I feel like crap.  It has a lot to do with the heat and many, many other things that I can't control -- I know, I know, I've got to let those things go-o-o-o-o-o -- and I've got to get out from under this funk so I can do something about the things that I can control.  It would be nice if there was a little more balance between the can-control and the can't-control.  Perhaps I should make a list -- maybe it's not as bad as I think.

I'm not sure about that really bright yellow strip.  I'm not sure about my Log Cabin knitting at all, really, but I just keep riffing -- plucking a ball of yarn in a not-so-willy-nilly manner, even though it rather looks like I have.  Does it look like crap?  I don't even know what it's going to be.  It's mostly bright and playful, and I do enjoy the knitting and the "seeing what happens" and the randomly generated row count (I like that a lot).  It's very good 95-degrees-in-the-shade knitting, too, and the cotton is nice and absorbent (and washable), so it works well as a working work-in-progress for dabbing my glistening brow.  ; )  I'm kidding... I actually use my shirt.

Dsc08018 Dsc08019

I'm looking at this as a sampler, an experiment, a getting-to-know you (yarn) and you (Log Cabin) piece.  I am learning a lot about what I'll do differently next time in terms of color and design -- yeah, like doing some actual planning and design.

Dsc08012Dsc07514_1The baby tomato came full circle the other night.  It was a momentous occasion, as well as delicious in a BLT.  At the same time that I thought about (and then dismissed as silly) getting the camera, DH suggested it, so there you have it.  We've all gone a little nuts in the heat.  ; )



Well, I for one love it! I'm all for experimenting. The one thing I would do is try to mix up the handpainted with the solids a bit more. Put some solid between the handpaints, if you know what I mean. The knitting looks great.

I feel like crap too. Yesterday I had a KILLER headache. The heat is making everyone miserable. Emotionally. Physically. Everything. Love you!


I love it when the family begins to embrace this kooky medium that they initially thought was a bunch of hoo-ha. Yesterday Abigail approached me about today's entry. You just gotta love it.

That tomato is making my mouth water like you would not believe. I don't have any big ones ripe yet. Soon. Yum!


If you enjoy knitting the LC blanket does it really matter what color goes where. Just let it go and be something fun, wacky and let the control go. Hope you can relax a bit in the heat. It's 60 here today.


It doesn't look like crap at all. I think it looks great. I hope you feel better soon.


It's the heat messing with your head and your mood. Just stay cool and stay hydrated and you'll feel better soon. If the deluge comes go get wet in the rain, it will help wash the blues away!

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about that yellow strip either but I think you should just keep going, it's fascinating the way it is coming out. The more strips you add the more the colors will all balance each other.


I like the randomness of the LC - really can't wait to see what it turns out to be. For some reason I see it getting a certain size, finished beautifully, and framed.

If you figure out some way to get the "out of control" items off the things to worry about list let me know...I could use any insight I can get lately. GAH!


My tomatoes are green, green, green. Still.


I really must put out some tomatoes next year. And some cucs too, and a row of radishes and beans. Too much work in this heat. The log cabin looks good, I want to jump on that bandwagon too.


I LOVE the Log Cabin - possibly because it bares a stiking resemblance to mine. I'm getting quite addicted and ignoring much else in my life at present because of the the little bugger too! Keep going...


M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m. BLT. (drools like Homer Simpson)


The tomato looks yummy. I'm envious, my tomatoes are all still green.


Actually, your LC looks very artsy! Thanks for the reminder that it is BLT season.


I hope that you are feeling better! :-) The Log Cabin blanket looks great, actually. I just purchased the MD book and finished one of the washcloths on my trip to North Carolina with my family last week (one would think I would have completed more than a washcloth in a 15 hour trip?!). At any rate, I’m glad to see the Log Cabin blanket at it’s beginning stages and will be anxious to see it as you go along.

Thanks for the pictures of Sturgeon Bay. My hubby and I are looking to get away sans children this fall, so maybe we’ll head up to Door County. Last year we went to LaCrosse for a weekend and that was nice too – the trees were beautiful.

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