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Important announcement:  If you are planning to attend the Yarn Harlot's book-signing event at Yellow Dog Knitting in Eau Claire next month, please follow this link to RSVP so that Dixie and the staff can get an accurate head-count.  Stephanie will be appearing at the Masonic Center at 6 p.m. on Sunday, September 10th, and then signing books at YDK afterwards.  I have already made plans to go to my sister Karen's on Saturday and staying 'til Monday -- and Karen will come with me to Eau Claire!  We'll make an afternoon and evening-into-night of it!  Karen hasn't knit since college (a sweater -- and her daughter is a college sophomore to give you an idea of the timeline), but I'm betting that she'll be entertained... hm, very likely inspired.  Anyway, please follow the link to RSVP!!

PSA concluded, here's my weekend...

Dsc08337 Dsc08338 Dsc08340

I had further to go on the cuff of the sock than I thought.  It is going so quickly, though, and I really am just thrilled with it.  The actual heel is similar to those I've done before, and yet quite different -- instead of the "V" shaped heel, it's square -- just 14 stitches from the get-go -- and I like it a lot.

Well, I think it's 14 stitches.  Best not to take my word for it...  I don't know what's with me and numbers lately!  I read one thing, let's say "knit cuff for 8 inches" and immediately decide that 6 is the goal -- 'til I'm nearing 6 and read the directions again and am reminded, oh yeah, 8.  The instructions for the mobius of choice called for casting on using a 47" needle and I decided 42" and then came up with only a 36" in my meager circular needle stash and decide it's close enough to give it a whirl -- the progress of which you see below.

Dsc08339_1 Dsc08341 Dsc08318

Oooh, shiny... bright & red!  See the nearly ripe tomato?  There are two or three more ripening fast on its heels.  Yumfest continues.

Oh, it's awfully pretty yarn, isn't it?  And a lot of it!  I had a reward certificate for Yarns by Design burning a hole in my pocket -- actually, getting quite dog-eared in my bag -- so when Katie wanted to do some Red Radish grocery shopping in Neenah on Saturday, I went along.  I got to knit on the sock all the way there and back, and purchased that gorgeous hank of Fleece Artist's Handmaiden Ottawa at YBD.  The color is "Ottawa Forest," but Katie and I were both reminded more of the sea -- alas, there is no sea near Ottawa, but there is a river!  I wound it up as soon as we got home and I think, actually, that I have mastered (or very nearly) the actual mobius cast on this weekend.  Any success I may have with this project is definitely in no small part because of Ann's help.  She finished hers on Saturday night, in Noro Kochoran, and it's gorgeous -- GO SEE!!  I emailed her a couple of SOS messages on Saturday night, then something else on Sunday morning, then the phone was ringing and we talked through it, then I tried again.  Dsc08321I watched the movie that she linked to, then watched it again on a loop. I scrutinized Stephanie's picture in her This is your brain on Cat Bordhi post, and watched the movie again 'til Cat was just too much!  OMG, I thought, enough of the hard stuff, give me some crack!  ; )  I cast on, took a picture, emailed it to Ann, looked at all her links, the phone rang again...

I need a longer needle.

* * * * *

Thank you all for the wonderful, thoughtful comments to yesterday's post.  ; )  Sometimes it just helps to know you're not alone and to be reminded that with families, it's always somethin'.



I'm in love with that sock! The Moebius thing I understand in concept but it's otherwise confusing to me, though I love the colorway you chose and can't wait to see how it knits up in this pattern.


Oh I need to find someone to go to Eau Claire with!!!!!! I just got one of her books.

Nice heel!


Love the Handmaiden! It's such fun learning a new skill, isn't it? ;-)


I've been looking at that cowl pattern and coveting it, but I cannot get my brain around the cast on! SCARY!
I might have to try it anyhow! If all else fails, I'll drive over to Oakland and beg Rachael to help me!

Your socks look gorgeous, I'm having a cable craving!


Your knitting always inspires. You are sooooo good.


love those cabled socks! they are beautiful! i too am anxiously awaiting ripe tomatoes every day...i want to get to them before my damn peacock does!

lynne s of Oz

Wow - you get to see the Yarn Harlot *and* you'll have a spiffing pair of lovely celtic braided cable socks! The socks are lovely!
Families are odd things - the four of us get together once a year. After Mum died, my big sister tried to become Mum but that went down like a lead balloon. It's taken a number of years to find some balance.


Very pretty socks! I would hate to cover them with shoes!!


Your socks are beautiful!

The moebius - can't bring myself to try one.


Love the sock! Is it your own pattern?

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