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Who are you? The sequel

I was really going to just leave it at that.  Y'all got me thinking more about Mary Jo, though.

Sunday Scribblings, Who else might I have been?, Part II.

If my name was Mary Jo...

If my first name was Mary Jo, my last name (married) could only be LaPierre.  I'd be fresh-faced and petite and have a standing appointment at the salon (every sixth Tuesday) to keep my short, curly, auburn hair, well, short, curly and auburn -- and also have a facial.  I'd have standing appointments, on varying schedules, for massage, manicure, pedicure, waxing, hydrotherapy, and the occasional body mask treatment.  "Soccer Mom" to my three boys, I'd cart them around in a Saab 9-7x which Dr. LaPierre would keep in tip-top shape -- standing service appointments and also regular detailing, he's obsessed with the cars.  We'd have been high school sweethearts -- I was cheerleader to his quarterback -- though I'd first laid eyes on him, and "knew," when we met during a rainy Safety Patrol convention in sixth grade.  I would volunteer at the boys' schools and be devoted to the local women's shelter -- my mother was a battered wife and, well, I know that they need every bit of love and help and hope and support they can get; I would be part of an underground to aid their safe escape.  I would teach the women I help to knit -- to give them something else to concentrate on while they create something useful for themselves or their children; it may turn out a misshapen, oversized, acrylic mess, good only for a laugh, but that's useful, isn't it?  Even the angry frogging is sometimes useful.  We all try to learn from our many mistakes and keep trying.  My favorite knitting projects would be elaborate, lace shawls.

* * * * * *

This sentence constitutes the standard mumbo-jumbo disclaimer about fictional characters and not hurting anyone's feelings, especially anyone named Rhonda, Mary Jo or with the surname LaPierre.

What a fun exercise --  more fun than I anticipated!

* * * * * *

I have a lot on my list today.  I switched and have today off instead of the usual Wednesday, and you can't argue with a three-day weekend.  Mack is coming, too!

I did not get out of bed and nab my 45 minutes for activity when the alarm went off yesterday (and today, of course, it didn't go off).  I opened my eyes and it was DARK outside.  Sunrise is at 5:50 a.m. -- and my alarm goes off at 5:00, so it's still REALLY dark.  Just can't do it.  Besides that, I had a hot, humid, sleepless (from 3:00 a.m. on) night.  I had a headache and was exhausted last night -- after going to Dinner Helpers for the first time in a few months, too, so... nothing yesterday.  My car is in the shop today (I should be channeling my inner Rhonda), as is Ali's (Help me, Rhonda!), and she has DH's van and there's a real ballet going on here in terms of people gettign to interviews and to work today.  I have to go to the bank, and I think I'll WALK!

Knitting.  I was a little early for the meal prep session last night, so was able to knit a few rounds on my Trekking sock.  I had tried the night before, but was so distracted with watching Project Runway that I ended up with the wrong number of stitches on my needles and just had to put it away.  (I wonder what would have happened if Bradley'd had Twiggy.  Vincent totally bombed on that!  I used to have a Twiggy doll -- she was like Barbie with short hair, bigger eyes, and no boobs -- more like an enlarged Skipper.)  Back to the knitting...  I may finally, finally finish that freaking sock today!  I had Fib all laid out on the table last weekend (man, this week went FAST) and pinned a sleeve to the body and then couldn't find my needles -- not a single one.  I remember "organizing" them (why do I even try -- I bet Mary Jo would never lose her needles) and I know they're all together in a small plastic box -- the long ones, the short ones, the chibis... where's the damn box?!  I made an emergency stop and bought some everyday needles.  Good to go with that.

Have a great weekend.



You know what I love about MaryJo LaPierre (besides her Dr. husband?) She starts off seeming all artificial and plasticy and then, at the end, when she opens up about the knitting, she seems kind of sad and we know that she's more than just the latest People magazine. Very nicely done.


holy moly! which one is coming to Rhinebeck? maybe we should all get tattoos?!


I have to admit, after meeting the free spirited and wild Rhonda, and the proprer and noble Mary Jo, I may just like Victoria the best.

A very lovely series of posts and it has made me really think about who I would be if my parent had named me Wendy!


That was good fun! They say that names define you. I was always near the end of the line in school due to my surname ending with a "Y". I can remember certain circumstances where I just dreaded waiting for my turn.
Apparently my Mom wanted to call me "Paula". Now I'm starting to think about the Paula in me.....

Cindy B

Interesting person this MaryJo. She is quite fascinating.

Fortunately my sweater is in the round, simple knitting. That meant when Bradley's model came down the runway and I dropped my knitting in horror, it did not matter a bit. :-)

P.S. Mom wanted to call me Gretchen!


Rhonda sounded like fun and Mary Jo sounds like a bit too much. I think I like Vicki best.

This is the first season of PR that I've watched and I love it. Bradley seemed so overwhelmed and almost relieved to be sent packing.


Give me Rhonda! ;-) Actually Vicki is just perfect as she is. Your week sounds like mine. I need to weekend to recooperate and relax.


Cher's last name was LaPierre too!


We're getting tattoos? Cool.

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