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Dsc08342There are a lot of 29" circular needles for sale, in all sizes.  I went to four stores and there's not a single 47" needle in any size.  These were craft/hobby/fabric stores, as my LYS doesn't have evening hours 'til Wednesday and Thursday, and it's likely going to be Thursday before I get there.

There is also a lot of fuzzy, furry yarn for sale; apparently, people don't want at even 70% off.  There's a Ben Franklin closing its doors and that's all the yarn that was left.  They did have a few needles and I nabbed a set of size 0 bamboo DPNs and two each of size 1 and size 2 circulars for socks on two circs!  I learned that at the elbow of Joyce Williams -- it wasn't really one of the things to be taught in class that day, but she kind of went with the flow (lucky for us!).  I watched Cara knit socks that way, too, and I'd like to give it a whirl.

So, no 47" needle means no mobius yet.  I was able to finish the first sock, though!  Kitchenered, ends woven in, tried on (again), photographed.  I love it!  I wore it from the living room, through the kitchen, and into the computer room... and then I had to take it off.  It warmed up here a little bit today and that's as far as I could go with a wool sock on!

Shown with the new needles and new sock is Lucinda Guy's And So To Bed from the library.  Oh my goodness, I'm dying to make the owl -- so cute!  There are patterns for both clothing and toys (dolls with knitted underwear -- what's not to love) and perhaps it will someday find its way into my collection (along with that one).

No blogging tomorrow.  Special trip with my mother and her sisters -- details on Thursday.



I have them at my shop. Let me know okay?


Love the sock and that book sounds so adorable. Have fun tomorrow!


I bought that book a few weeks ago. Now I just have to wait for my friend's daughter to get big enough for the bathrobe. And I agree about the owl. I looked through her other book last week at Borders, but it just didn't grab me. Nothing in it seemed as cute, or as wearable as this one.


good score


That book is on my wish list too. It looks so lovely!

Amy Lu

Bahr Creek has them too! But they won't get to you by Thursday. Wait, how far away are you? Come knitting with us on Thursday night! We have knit night every Thursday, and it's a fun crowd!

I've knit a few mobiuses (mobiui?) in my time, and you would be okay going up one more length (50-some inches). So you have options. Just to let you know.


p.s. I have the other Lucinda Guy book. I love it! I want to order this one too!


Have fun on Wednesday -- looking forward to your report. Hope the weather is perfect!!


I LOVE the Lucinda Guy books. She's coming out with a learn to knit book for kids with the same illustrations.
We carry Addis in 47" in every size at our shop so let me know if you want us to pop one in the mail to you.


Have a great trip - can't wait to read all about it.


Those Lucinda Guy books are adorable...I just hate intarsia. Lots of offers on the needles...I am not sure we have 'em anyway...but I will look tomorrow. Pick me Vicki! Pick me!!


I looked at that book this past weekend - I love the items in it!!


On the mobius, I went down a few sizes.

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