With a cherry on top

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My brother-in-law met us yesterday with two ice cream buckets full of little tomatoes -- pear-shaped and round cherry tomatoes, each in a couple of sizes and colors; the small, round, orange ones were the best.  I was stuffing my face with 'em last night, by the handful, as I washed them up and wondered what in the world I'd do with them all.

I think we're going to try a roasted cherry tomato sauce based on this epicurious recipe and this post (with pictures!) at The Amateur Gourmet.  Oh yeah, oh yum.

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The budding domestic diva with the new apron (please note the tulip pocket that put us over the edge) will not be able to help in the kitchen with that tonight, but her mother wanted you to see how cute the freakin' apron is -- part of our modest antique mall haul yesterday, which also included a Heinz pickle pin, some buttons, and a couple of old photos (of course).

In a surprise move, I drove the entire way yesterday, so no car knitting on the sock!  In fact, the sock has suffered a setback, as I discovered a mistake made at least a dozen rows ago and I ripped back.  That could be viewed as progress by some.  ; )  It was Project Runway time by the time I got to sit down... OH NO, not ALISON!  Honestly, if they were giving Kayne a pass based on previous work, then Alison's previous work should also have been considered -- as should Vincent's have been and, well, remember Twiggy?  Yeah, IMHO, the wrong one got the boot last night.

Dsc08313Speaking of fashion.  Looky here...  Ever since Mother's Day weekend, I've been a lampshade short.  I just have not been able to come up with that elusive, sixth shade (and neither could I change the bulb).  One of Maddy's friends recently announced that she was up to the task and was making it her mission to fill that spot.  Well, I'd say she hit the nail on the head.  It's absolutely perfect, all six bulbs are illuminated and shaded, and I couldn't be happier.  Thanks, Dana.  ; )



I finally picked my first ripe tomato yesterday. Just one right now but I predict an explosion in another week or two.
The apron is adorable, as is the model. And I love the new lampshade. I've been wondering if you had found one yet!


I'll send my two year old over. He loves tomatoes! If you have any corn or blueberries, he'd like those, too. I'm going to have to help him grow his own garden next year, even if it's just a container one. I love that apron!


Oh I LOVE the apron!


Oh, you make me just itch to get into some antique stores......


I completely forgot it was Project Runway night! I CANNOT believe Allison got the axe!


Oh tomatoes!!!!!!!!! My mouth is watering. I only watched the first two episodes of PR but I can't believe Vincent has survived.


I have an extremely wonderful roasted tomato sauce if you have large quantities of tomatoes on my old blog
it's on May 2,2006. Love that apron! what a find!


My Sophie could eat all those tomatoes- I never thought I'd have a kid that I told "get out of those tomatoes!". I favor a salad with tiny tomatoes cut in half, torn basil, cherry-sized fresh mozzarella balls sliced, a touch of S&P, and a drizzle of rice vinegar and olive oil. Bellissimo!

Love the apron too- I've recently gotten interested in old aprons- that one is cute!

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