Constant Comment Contest

A constant craving

Heheheh, the "constant comments" could lead to a "constant craving"!  ; )  While the prize is still yet-to-be-determined, there is a winner!  And how fortunate that I just happen to be stopping by Iris with Katie tonight?  I shall be sending a parcel to France for Yvette!  Yay!!  Yvette and I have been corresponding for quite a while now -- made a swap, had similar experiences with Locks of Love, made similar sweaters -- she has been amongst the biggest and most supportive of supporters for the quit right from the start and sent a sweet little reward at the one-year mark, for which I no doubt still owe thanks.  So yay, Yvette!  It was great to hear from so many people -- many new to me (and maybe you) -- and that's the very best part of having a contest of any kind:

EggplantAlisha -- Tales from a Self-Taught Knitter
Ann-Marie -- ChicksWithSticks
LuLu -- LuLu's Petals
Mea -- EweHoo (she, too, saw the Harlot in Eau Claire!)
Rhonda -- KnitObsession
Dorothy -- (not) Just Another Blog
Janet -- My Knitting Haven
Christine -- Things I Do: SpinWeaveKnitandCake
Chery -- Chery Knits: Have Needle... Will Travel
Jess -- MikKnit (mother of a very famous baby)

Was that tacky to say the number yesterday?  I didn't even think about it.  Well, it just goes to show that on this here knitting blog, I received 38 comments a couple of days ago on the post about my most recently finished sweater (with which I am quite pleased, thanks) and, at last count, 48 on a contest post for which no one (incuding me) even knows the prize!  It could be a bag of Red Heart from a rummage sale last week.  ; )  I received a boat-load of comments earlier this year that, while they still make me want to fall to my knees in gratitude for all the love and support, and I don't know what I'd have done without them, I'd have glady done without.  There was St. Brigid, the quitting smoking, the Knitting Olympics, a rant or two -- and I've been somewhat involved.  If you want a reaction, you've got to act -- I haven't been as active in the blogs these past several months as I once was, nor have I hosted any Knit-Alongs or been much of a champion for a cause, I'm not designing patterns, selling yarn or writing books (you know, I sometimes wonder just what it is that I am doing and writing about here) -- but even something as simple as leaving a comment on another blog makes a difference, I guess.

So, anyway, on to other things and more links!  I wrote to Gale the other day and she sent me the files for the fantastic poster she designed for the Red Scarf Project which is championed by Norma (oh, send good computer vibes).  I happen to have a pretty good color laser printer because of other things I do in my real life, and it turned out wonderfully printed on a really good paper!  Katie has already hung one at the Starbucks where she works and I'll take one to the aforementioned LYS tonight, plus I have the big Midwest Masters Seminar weekend coming up at Yarns by Design in just over a week (oooh, was that a tingle?).

There's more.  In case you haven't heard, it's Carole's birthday today -- Happy Birthday, Carole!!!  I know what one of her presents is, too.  ; )  I can't wait to meet her next month.  Her husband Dale is the guest blogger today and it's definitely worth a click.

Oh, and this:  Go help Bookish Wendy pick her new peepers!

Update:  Cara has changed the Haiku contest deadline!  (Oh, I'm not so good at the poetry and now... the pressure...)

; )

Pergola Pergolasky

On the homefront:  1)  The pergola has stalled a bit -- other things taking precedence at the moment.  All that remains, really, are the benches.  I didn't get a Saturday sky in last weekend, so here's Wednesday evening through the pergola "roof."  2)  Katie (above) helped me make this Eggplant Parmesan recipe the other day and it was excellent!  3)  A dozen more rows done on Shirley Shrugs last night -- I am less than a repeat away from that second short-row shoulder.  Once I'm past that point, it's going to be a long, boring trip to the other side and I'm sorry (in advance) that I'll be dragging you along.

Fortitude to us all.  ; )



Mmmm, I'm hungry....eggplant used to be in the regular rotation at this house, but on my blood type diet I'm not supposed to have eggplant -- go figure! But oh, how I love it.

Sigh. The computer. It hasn't gasped its last breath just yet. I'm betting on it waiting 'til I'm all edited with the 200-page job I'm working on now, and just when I ask it to print, it'll collapse. When did I become all doom and gloom? Geesh. I better work on an attitude adjustment. :)


That eggplant parmesan looks fantastic, I am always looking for a new vegetable recipe to break up the dinner monotony. Thanks, maybe I'll give it a go this weekend.


Thanks for the birthday shout-out, Vicki! I wish that present that we both know about would hurry up and arrive!


Ummm, sorry about the date change. I had meant it to be this Saturday all along - but mixed up the dates on the calendar. The entries are a HOOT.

How are you? Kids are good. I've been to soccer, tennis, a haircut and dance class. BUSY! I'm a soccer aunt I guess. (Yes. That was me driving the mini van with three kids and a grandmother the other day.)


Thanks for the link to the Midwest Masters Seminars at Yarns by Design. I sent it on to my mom in Oshkosh, as that is her closest LYS (I've bought sock yarn there). My mom is a great knitter but she has self-confidence issues when it comes to knitting (she is very wary of YOs for some reason, although she always does them correctly). So, I'm going to try to encourage her to look into going if her schedule permits. I really enjoy your blog, and I'm glad you had a good time seeing The Harlot.


Broil the egglplant, you say, instead of frying? I am trying it this weekend. Thank you!


The eggplant parmesan looks and sounds delicious! I am totally envious of your kitchen, too - it looks like a nice place to work.


Yay, I won, thank you.
The Eggplant Parmesan looks great, I might have to try that this weekend.


The eggplant parmesan is making me very hungry!!


Ya know I know what you mean about blogging; I keep at it and sometimes am just amazed at what turns up. I don't intend to try and become famous - just meet great people like you.


Congrats, Yvette! Oh, now you're going to this Midwest Master's and I'm not. Have fun!

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