Fibonacci high
I don't know where to begin

Ain't no sunshine

Thunderstorms rolled through yesterday afternoon.  Cool weather followed.  Much cooler weather.  Fall-like weather.  My sky is chilly and gray.  I think you can picture it.  ; )

I'm off to see the wizard Harlot in Eau Claire!  Joyce Williams will be there, too, I'm told.  ; )  And I'm looking forward to meeting all sorts of new people at Yellow Dog tomorrow!  I'll be the one with the quilter.  After reading some of Stephanie's posts, though, my sister was quite charmed and half-tempted to pick up needles for the first time in *ahem* so many years.

I won't be back 'til Monday sometime and it's hard to say about the blogging in the meantime.  My camera is packed.

Fib has a collar, some ends woven in... still need to sew on the buttons.  It's packed, too.  ; )



Hope you had a delightful time! My sky is smoky, from wildland fires in the region - can I trade?


I am really looking forward to this - I guess I will have met you by the time you read this - how weird! See you in Eau Claire!


Have a great time! Wish I could be there! :)


Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!


It's a bit on the chilly side here but the Harlot warmed all our hearts last night. It was a blast. You'll have a grand time, too!!


I'm sure it was a blast. Your Fib is just stunning -- congratulations!!


How could she?? The Harlot goes to EauClaire but not to Madison??? You fortunate soul!

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