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Dsc08457_1Fib was a sensation at the LYS while button shopping last night -- mucho props given to Alexandra Virgiel, of course, for her wonderful Fibonacci inspiration (maybe someday I'll feel comfortable enough to knit a whole sweater on circs!).

Does this buttonband make my buttons look big?

What do you think?  The buttons are pretty cool -- they're wooden with mostly green, a little red, a little gold -- couldn't ask for more.  Do you think I need to make the band a little wider?  Would it be dumb to attach them vertically (I should have taken a picture).  Do you like the right side of the button (at left) or the wrong side (at right)?  Do you like the stripey button band?  If I made it wider -- two more rows, four? -- I'd probably use the bright green.  Hm?

Please opine and discuss freely.


Bookish Girl

Like the width prefer the horizontal placement... ;)


I like the width of the button band, and I prefer the wrong side of the button. I think the "right" side makes the button look too wide. I think this sweater is gorgeous! Good work!


I like the buttons and the button band. I think that the way the buttons slightly overlap the band adds a little extra interest but I like the right side best in this aplication. In general I think I like the wrong side better but not here. For me, the wrong side is a little distracting. The right side has just the right amount of interest. That's just me - I could be wrong!




The RS of the button looks like it was DESTINED for this sweater. It's gorgeous.


I like the one on the wrong side of the button and I think it is all GORGEOUS!!


Omigod, whatever you do, it won't matter (I'm a lot of help, right?) because that sweater is a masterpiece worth of the Smithsonian. Lovely knitting, gorgeous colors, intriguing stripes. Wow.

FWIW, keep the band as is (having the buttons extend beyond it is quirkily attractive and unique) and use the wrong side of the button. Or not. Your choice. (See, I told you I was a lot of help.)


I love the sweater! The colors, oh my!!! I think the buttons look fine no matter what you decide.


I love the sweater!! I like the wrong side of the buttons. The band is fine in my opinion whatever that is worth. Have fun in EC this weekend!! I live here and I can't go!! I'll be in Green Bay at the Packer game. GO PACK!!


I like the wrong-side of the button better, myself.


The both look great! The sweater is awesome, awesome. The wrong side does have the same coloration as the sweater which looks pretty cool.


Beautiful, beautiful colours to this sweater. I like the wrong size shape of the button better but the more subtle colour of the right side - you've got enough of the colours going on already in the sweater.
DO NOT touch the buttonbands themselves!


Your sweater is stunning. I like the wrong side of the buttons best.


I like the wrong side too - gorgeous sweater!


I like the buttons extending beyond the width of the band, it's a nice touch! and on balance, I think I prefer the wrong side of the button - the colour on the wrong side appears to be richer, and picks up the lovely red stripe (btw, your blog seems to be colour-co-ordinated to this cardigan as well :) )


Ooohh! That sweater IS Wisconsin in the fall! Gorgeous! I like the wrong side of the button myself. What a great sweater to get to wear this autumn! Great job!


The button bands are perfect. I prefer the wrong side of the buttons -- much more character. I would kind of like to see a photo of the buttons placed vertically . . .


It's beautiful! Don't change a thing!


Wrong side! Gorgeous!


I like the buttonband as is--really cool. I also like the wrong side of the button better. Beautiful looking sweater! I love the colors.


I like the wrong side, and I think I'd like to see them placed vertically, as well. The sweater is fantastic!


I especially like the wrong side of the buttons, and I three would like to see them placed vertically before weighing in on that.


For as many sweaters as I have seen in blogland, this one ranks up at the very top....I LOVE it! Love the colors and the buttons (wrong side) are perfect!! Now I have to go back and see what kind of yarn you used, it is soooooo pretty!


These comments are killing my dyslexia!! I like the button on the left side--right side up. Wah!! But more than anything--love the colors of your sweater and can't wait to see it in person!

Cindy B

Button band width good, wrong side button. Perfect match by the way. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!!!


LOVE IT!! what a fantastic sweater Vicki! I prefer the wrong side of the button and think that if you use that side the button band is fine. If you use the right side however, I think you should add some more to the band. It is a marvelous sweater and I am completely jealous!


You found the perfect buttons for that Vicki! It is beautiful.


BRAVO, Miss VICKI!!! LOVE! LOVE! I can't wait to see it on!


Gorgeous - and I get to see this in person tomorrow? :)


Late to the party, but DAYUM that's one fine sweater. Not sure which button side I like better, to be honest, but hopefully you've made up your mind by now and are wearing the sweater proudly. Can't wait to see you IN IT at Rhinebeck! (Maybe I'll be wearing short rows and we can STRIPE OUT together!)

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