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Kick_asthma_1I'd like a world in which there was no more gasping for breath, wouldn't you?  My husband has been gasping and sputtering, coughing and wheezing for weeks now.  It's not fun.  Gasping is fine if your breath has been "taken away" because you just won the $200,000,000 Powerball jackpot (sadly, I can't demonstrate that particular gasp -- yet) or a lifetime supply of quiviut (one of these things being pretty much on par with the other, no?).  Gasping is not fine if you're trying to take a walk around the neighborhood or up a flight of stairs or do a little gardening or play a fun game of tag outside with the kids -- just plain old living and breathing.  Gasping is not fine then.  Breathing is good, gasping is not.

This came to mind while I was over visiting Celia yesterday, looking at her pretty "Q" specimens, and noticed her Kicking Asthma button and, HEY, that's coming right up!  This Saturday, Celia will be taking part in the Asthma Walk in Oakland -- and there is still a little ways to go 'til she reaches her goal!  If you can, please take a minute and pledge here -- you might also win handknit-just-for-you socks!  And maybe, someday, when we hear someone gasping, we'll only wonder whether they've won the lottery or the quiviet, not whether they're struggling to catch their next breath.  Wouldn't that be nice.  ; )

I continue to Shrug with Shirley...  by my rough calculations (I could not resist the very rough calculations), it is realistic to think I'll be finished -- completely -- buttons (or something -- some sort of closure at the lower arms so there's an option between shrug and shawl) and everything (including delivery), by mid-October.  I don't even dare to work, much less think about finishing the second Celtic Braid Sock (or anything else) that I re-started a little while ago (which isn't looking any better color-/pooling-wise, but at least I tried and now I know) -- not 'til Shirley has shrugged her last!

Ann has started to post pictures from her trip to California -- check 'em out!  Don't forget to click for the Rocky Mountain close-up.  ; )

I forgot to add Latvian Mittens to my list the other day -- brought to mind because I happened upon the Latvian Mitten KAL blog!  This prompted me to create an entirely new category in my Bloglines addiction subscription list for KAL and project blogs!  I will need a translator for this particular one...  Of course, for the most complete and up-to-date KAL list, please click HERE.



The shrug is going to take that long? Oy.


thanks for the shout out doll! and stay tuned, I took a picture just for you too!


I'm supporting Celia! Sorry to hear that your husband's asthma is that bad. :(


You do keep me abreast of what's happening around blogland. That ann...she's something, eh?


Hey, thanks for the plug. I was just about to remind people myself. Very, very nice of you!


I've developed asthma myself in the last year or so (although I'm still in denial--it's only an occasional thing, right? Not chronic or anything....), and I DID make a donation to Celia's drive when she started it. Of course--another one couldn't hurt!


Gasp! As an chronic asthmatic, let me (wheeze) my support for Celia's drive! Yey, you go girl! Puff, puff. Luckily, my affliction is in control now though my SSD (seasonal stash disorder) is not. I have to take steroids for the asthma but I'm plotting on ways to give steroids to my stash, too, to make it grow even bigger.

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