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The scent of Dove soap always reminds me of grandma's house.  Mom always uses Caress (pink, the original).  I have no allegiance except for the laundry soap, and I prefer Tide -- though I do stray down the aisle on occasion and am currently trying All. I can't ever see a box of Oxydol without thinking of our old neighbor, Mrs. Watson.  Her laundry room was also the side entry/mud room and, as the mother of five kids, too, she did a lot of laundry -- it was a BIG, green box of Oxydol!

I have had my mouth washed out with soap, but I don't remember the brand.

I haven't watched a soap in ages, but yesterday, as part of my "guiltless morning" I finally sat down to knit at a little after 11:00 and flipped on TV.  Everyone knows that the only thing worth watching at that time of the day are the fine citizens of Genoa City, WI, on The Young and the Restless.  The first thing I see?  Genoa City's grand dame, Katherine Chancellor (oh, how I love Jeanne Cooper), torturing Jack Abbott from the helm of Jabot Cosmetics!  And then?  Jack and Ashley each trying to determine whether the other's bluff is a bluff, or the bluff of a bluff of a bluff, or not, or something.  And Victor Newman explaining to his grandson (when did that happen? does that make Nikki a grandma?) that he's been diagnosed with epilepsy.  Interesting.

I watched Y&R for a while in the early '80s -- would even sometimes run to my girlfriend's house for an early lunch and to catch the latest episode.  For the year-and-a-half that Maddy nursed, her timing was off, so I watched Days of Our Lives.

I didn't pay much attention to the commercials yesterday until I heard the word "ooze," except to note that they sure are of a different variety in the daytime than at night!  It was, of course, a commercial for denture cream -- something you never see on primetime.  ; )  I had a flashback vision of toothy Martha Raye hawking denture cream, followed closely, of course, by Madge and Palmolive -- "You're soaking in it!"  In my flashback, of course, I was a kid, "sick" with some made-up malady (because I was hardly ever really sick enough to stay home!), cuddled up on our brown plaid couch in the family room, choking down sipping a mug of hot beef boullion, Mom's cure-all remedy, waiting for Dick Clark and The $10,000 Pyramid, Allen Ludden (and, if lucky, Betty White) on Password, Hollywood Squares (when Paul Lynde would be in the middle more often than not), and to see what exciting prizes Monty & Jay were bringing down the aisle or giving away behind Door #2 on Let's Make A Deal!  We only had three channels (four if you hooked up that weird antenna thing for public TV), but it was exciting -- not too exciting, of course, because I was "sick"!



And don't forget Lawrence Welk hawking Rose Milk with Norma Zimmer. Thanks for the trip down TV commercial memory lane!


Heh - I was really good at playing sick myself. If I did it right I got a trip to stay with Grandma for a few days. It's no wonder I was sick all the time, Grandma had oatmeal cookies and freshly baked cracked-wheat bread. And Grandma watched her "stories" while I laid on the couch trying to figure out how the heck I was gonna convince her to let me go to the park ;)


Ha! Funny...I remeber Oxodol, my mom used it. They used to have a towel in every box, the kind with roses all over them. I had a great sick ploy. Locked myself in the bathroom & moaned till mom went to work. I was a General Hospital grrl then. Wow what memories you stirred up!


I used to love watching let's make a deal - especially the beginning part of the deals where Monty would ask if anyone in the audience had something-or-other in their pockets. That was always so exciting. I would also sometimes pretend to be 'the lovely Carol Marrol' and caress our washing machine in a winsome way.


It is so funny that you would say that about Dove. I can't look at or smell a bar of Dove without thinking of my Grandmother. When I was growing up my parents were really poor and any name brand soap like Dove was a luxury and never on the shopping list. I would stay with my Grandmother over the summers, and she would always have Dove. It smelled so wonderful and made my skin fell so soft! She would give me my very own bar to bring home with me, and I would keep it wrapped in plastic and inside it's little box in between baths. I was always so sad when the last little sliver was gone. Thank you for the happy memory.


Yup, loved Let's Make a Deal. My grandma's house smelled of the Palmolive bar soap. I hated that smell. Loved her though. And her RC Cola.


Whenever I smell Ivory soap I think of my nana, so when I am missing her (she passed away in 1989), I buy a bar of it and take a bath. It is a comfort thing for me. I also loved Let's Make a Deal. I used to watch my mom's soaps with her. Most on CBS. Smell is such a strong sense to bring back memories.


I also loved Let's Make A Deal but the US prices of things made it tricky to play. My fav was Match Game, though and Family Feud. My kids watch that one sometimes.
We all watched the Y&R probably becausee it was the only soap on after school. My Mom always complained the sets were too dark. I complained the plots were too slow. While nursing no.1, As The World Turns. I first saw Meg Ryan and Julianne Moore on that one.


I still watch Days. Okay, "WATCH" is a generous term in that I actually watch the show on my vacations and days off, keeping up with it the rest of the year with online synopsis!
Smells bring back so many memories, don't they?


I love these memories. I did many a commercial in front of my bathroom mirror, and at the kitchen sink!

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