Ain't no sunshine
A Sunday in Eau Claire

I don't know where to begin


So, I'll start at the very beginning... it's a very good place to start.  ; )

On Saturday, I visited my brother, and I'm very glad I did because I had an up-to-the-minute answer whenever I heard, "It's so nice to meet you! How's Michael? How's the pergola coming?  Did you finish Fib?"  Michael is doing okay!  Six hours a day turned out to be a bit of a stretch, so he's back to four for at least a week or so before they try again.  All the guy wants is to put in a day at work and still have a little something left at the end of the day for some recreation.  It's no fun to be totally wrung out at the end of every day!  The good news is, he's had his compound bow adjusted to the lowest tension and he can pull it and he's intending to go hunting -- just being able to get out there for a few hours with the intention of hunting is going to be huge.

Dsc08476Usually, when I go to visit my brother, that's my final destination and I turn around and go home.  This time, I was traveling further and I knew there had to be a better/shorter way to proceed than backtracking to pick up the highway.  He said, "Oh yeah, you just follow this road to Knitt Road and hang a left."  Those have got to be the best directions anyone's ever given me.  ; )

The journey begun on Knitt Road (obviously, someone doesn't know how to spell) eventually led me to Eau Claire where I'd dragged my quilter sister to meet up with a group of wonderful knitters -- bloggers, non-bloggers, possible bloggers-to-be -- and my only regret is that there wasn't enough time...

...and the Packers lost and my Fantasy Football Team might end up being Tom-Foolery!  However, Stephanie trumped the Packers' season opener at home on Sunday and here you can see that she scored BIG on her very first play -- a deftly handled, gutsy hand-off to a walk-on, rookie yarn baby kid, the curly mop more than compensating for his her being slightly undersized at that position.  ; )

Much more to come.  I had a blast.



It was great fun and wonderful to meet you. Looking forward to more pictures!


I only got 2 more points than you, but I intend to improve in week #2. ;)


It was a blast. Ditto on not enough time, so we'll have to find another time. Great to meet you, hugs and love to you and Karen.


love that street sign - can't believe you didn't steal it! whatsamattawhichyou?


It was so wonderful to meet you! (And I'm glad you got a good picture of that handoff - it was so cute!)

My Fantasy Football team terribly this week. I think I'm well on my way to holding up the bottom of the standings once again in my league.


Very cute photo! Of course you have probably seen Margene's tour of Silver Lake with Stepanie and entourage.. can't wait to hear your tale. Also, very good to hear that Michael can take on something he wants to do (returning to work is a huge measure of success, but not nec. fun).


I had SUCH a great time. Of course, my highlight was meeting you!! Thanks again for setting up the the logistics beforehand and please - get working on that trip to the Twin Cities!!

Mary in Boston

Glad you had such a wonderful time meeting up with the "Harlot." She's a lot of fun!

Also glad to hear about Michael and how he is doing.

What's this about a trip to the Twin Cities?


Yes, those are the best directions ever! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.


You are one of my favorite things!


That's my kiddo! Little stinker she is :-)

Feel free to add her name - Grace - if you'd like. She's no stranger to my blog, so I've obviously got no problem having her name out there.


I'm glad you got to go meet Steph. Sorry to hear that Michael still gets so tired. In Mass you can apply for a cross bow license if you're considered disabled. Maybe he could try that in WI, too, if the compound is still too difficult for him to use.


Knitt Road...hilarious!
Glad to hear that Michael is doing well and that he'll be able to hunt this year.


Glad to hear about Michael - he sent me the nicest Thank You card which I got yesterday!!!

I'm not sure who had more fun on Sunday, you meeting Stephanie, or me, watching the BEARS beat the PACKERS! Probably you..........

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