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Webbutton_wannaplayI'm inordinately excited with the discovery of Stitchy's Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo at Cara's this morning (I signed up in a heartbeat).  I'm going to be a player and a square -- big stretch, as I pretty much play a square in real life -- but this time, it's "Hip To Be Square."  Oh, and don't I love me some Huey Lewis & The News!  I don't know... I'd heard a rumor that The Carpenters would be providing this year's soundtrack, occupying the role last held by Barry Manilow, but I'm thinkin' that Karen and Richard just got bumped -- Huey is a little livelier, if not as silken.  Anyway, last year I took my Mini Sharpies and my Knitters Without Borders notebook and my Cheesehead Erasers (a precedent from my first blog-related trip last summer) and asked people to sign my book -- like an autograph book and, yeah, cheesy (huh, imagine that) and "summer camp" and some might guffaw argue childish (I was only embarrassed for a minute or two), but it gave me the reason I needed to participate in Rhinebeck rather than just go to Rhinebeck.  Otherwise, I can be a real good wallflower and *yawn* people-watcher.  (At least it wasn't an autograph dog -- remember those?)  So, while I'm sure there are some who will just DIE at the thought of Blogger Bingo, I'm all for it -- a little fun, a little interaction, probably some surprises -- who knows, maybe we can get a little Limbo going, maybe some Charades -- anyone for Scrabble?  It's all about meeting people and mingling and having fun, isn't it?  You don't go to a FESTIVAL if you're looking for privacy and alone time, you know?  (That's a RETREAT.)  It's a fiesta!

It occurred to me this morning that my Fall Fiber Festivities calendar is getting full -- events are fast approaching and nearly reaching fevered pitch!  It all begins tomorrow night -- well, even tonight, if you want to count shopping for buttons for Fib -- when I'll be joining a textile artist friend for a trip to Bahr Creek Llamas & Fiber Studio and a visit with Amy Lu!  Hopefully, I'll "get it" when Amy Lu shows me that moebius cast-on that's eluded me these past couple of weeks, and we should get there in plenty of time for visiting llamas.

I'll be heading to my sister's this weekend and attending Yellow Dog Knitting's Yarn Harlot event on Sunday.  I am so excited to also be meeting Cursing Mama, Bead Slut, Wound Too Tight Deb, Stumbling Over Chaos Chris, and k3tog Jeanne, who is new to me, and plenty more I hope.  (Perhaps I can use this as a training session for Blogger Bingo!)

On the last weekend of September, straddling into October, I'll be attending classes at Yarns by Design's Midwest Masters Seminar -- "Morphing Cables" and "Hand Embellishments" with Fiona Ellis, and "Introduction to Faroese Shawls with Joan Shrouder.  I haven't attended a seminar since my first in Spring of '05, so I'm excited.  I'll be seeing Amy Lu again!  I had an email last week, I believe, and they still had openings in most classes -- just throwin' it out there.  OMG, I cannot wait to morph some cables!  I'm a little scared of the Faroese shawls and wonder if it's a little beyond me and maybe I should have opted for something else, but So Be It; besides, I love those shawls.  Opportunity.  Knocking.

A few weeks after that, it's off to the east -- my first-ever, long-awaited, once-postponed visit to experience the legendary Long Island hospitality of the puglicious, purling swine that is Ann -- and Rhinebeck!  (That's a linkfest for another post.)  I won't have any money left to spend, but I'll be there.  ; )  BINGO!



*cough*snort*cough* WHAT?!?! NO ONE told me about the SOUNDTRACK?! HELLO? NO Huey. NO Barry. NO Carpenters.

G brought home something wonderful the other day and I have to say it's Neil or NOTHING.

(And Ann - that's Diamond. Not freaking Sedaka.)


I have just informed Cara that she is NOT the boss of us. And that birds DON'T suddenly appear everytime she is near. Dude, we go on hurting each other. Making each other cry.

you know Vicki, I feel like something in the wind has learned my name. And it's tellin' me that things are not the same.

Rainy days and mondays always get me down


Boss? Did someone say BOSS? BRUUUUUUUUUUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'll be at Yellow Dog also. My blog is and I live in MN and talk to Stumbling Over Chaos sometimes. Her blog just sent me over here and I have to say, it looks nice!

Dixie Grilley, Yellow Dog

Hey V

I took Joan's Faroese class at Stitches 2 years ago and it was great! You will do just fine! Ok hold onto your pants . . . Joyce Williams is coming to see the Harlot!! Wear your ring girlfriend!



Dude, I had one of those autograph dogs. It was yellow and it was truly the ugliest thing ever. But I'd be happy to sign your cheese at Rhinebeck.

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