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BigroundbarnLast Saturday, I was in Marshfield again.  Katie was at the wheel and I said, "Hey, do you want to drive by the house that Nana grew up in?"  So we did, twice, slowly, and got the hairy eyeball from the current residents who happened to be outside.  My grandpa died when I was 6, and grandma when I was 8 -- and she lived the last many months, when she was sick, with my aunt -- so it's been a long while since I was inside, but I do have strong memories of that house, inside and out -- I remember a particular, unique, not unpleasant scent that I've only ever smelled there.  It was still there when I had an opportunity, as a teenager, to have a quick tour of the house.

What I do not remember, from when I was little, is that directly behind the row of houses across the street is the Central Wisconsin State Fairgrounds, home of The World's Largest Round Barn (pictured above).  Wisconsin is full of large things!  I thought of my buddy Ann when I saw the sign for the Central Wisconsin Horse Expo that's coming up there in a couple of weeks.  After I snapped the barn photo, Katie turned the car around and I saw this:

Swine1 Swine2 Swine3

Obviously, I could not believe my eyes!  Well, that made me think of Ann, the purling swine with whom I share of love of sheep, even more!  ; )  Baaaaaaa!  Oink, oink!

I laughed at Ann's comment yesterday about how she'd caress their washing machine in that game show hostess way.  We used to re-enact certain commercials in the bathroom mirror, sometimes for each other -- my sister Karen, especially -- Ultra-brite toothpaste was a favorite, but so was Playtex Cross Your Heart, all that lifting and separating, infused with drama.  ; )

I have a full weekend of knitting ahead at the Fall 2006 Midwest Master's Seminar sponsored by Yarns by Design in Neenah!  I've been so focused on Shirley that I still have homework to do!!  Thankfully, other than pulling together materials, I need only a 6-inch swatch -- nose to the grindstone tonight.



once again, my skimming habits bite me in the ass! For a few minutes there I was agog thinking that your Nana had a round house, as I was looking at the enlarged picture I also thought, wow a round house that looks like a barn!

it occurs to me that I could refer to my own house as the Sheep & Swine Pavillon (did you catch the spelling error on the sign?). I might even keep the Alba Bump part, just cause I like the way that sounds - kinda dirty!

omg - the commercials! I used to do the same thing in the bathroom mirror! I was convinced I was the only one - maybe we should start a club?


Hey, wait a minute. Pavilion has only one "l". Look it up.


I know a silly joke about round barns & a guy that couldn't find a corner to "leak" in. I'd use it, but I'm sure everyones heard it & it isn't really PC.

Have fun mastering your skills - although from what I've seen they're darn sharp.


Love the Sheep & Swine theme. But reenacting commercials in the bathroom mirror? You guys are weird.


and that kids is why you must never leave comments about spelling errors before you've had your morning coffee.


Have a great time at the Midwest Master's Seminar!


The Midwest Master's Seminar sounds like so much fun! Have a great time.


I was in MARSHFIELD this summer - but didnt get to see the ROUND BARN! will have to do that next year!


Marshfield...my old stomping grounds with the Swansen kids!!


I hope you had a great time at the Midwest Master's and I'm looking forward to your report! Cool barn.

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