A Tale of Two Sweaters
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My pirate name is:
Captain Bess Roberts
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Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. Two things complete your pirate persona: style and swagger. Maybe a little too much swagger sometimes -- but who really cares? Arr!

* * * * * *

Arrgh, indeed.  I'm one grumpy Bess today -- one wrong move on my ship and you might be walkin' the plank.

* * * * * *

Notable:  Eighteen (18) months smoke-free as of yesterday -- though I'll admit to checkin' the gas gauge on the way to work this morning and noting that I need not stop and thinking how that's really a good thing today because it would be a shame to blow it all now, wouldn't it, and I'm not sure I'd resist, and it wouldn't really make me feel better -- in fact, I'd feel a whole lot worse.  Arrrggh, okay, I'll stay quit.  ; )

Shiver me timbers, I had my first Fantasy Football win this week!



Hang in there, 18 months is too long to give up on. Have some chocolate WW be damned:)



Stay the course, baybee. You can do it.


Once you hit the two year mark, I've heard that you barely ever think about smoking again........could it be?


Avast ye, Cap'n Bess! It be mighty fine, yer longtime quittin' o' the tabacky. Stay quit, or ye may be walkin' the plank yerself - off the poop deck. Knit like a pirate! Yar-r-r-r-r-r-rn!


I'm proud to share yer sea, Cap'n Vicki-Bess. Ill be give up the tabacky meself one day soon.


You are my hero. :-)


You are "so" not a smoker to me!!


Happy One-And-A-Half Quitiversary, Vicki! :-)


Avast Matey Bess, this be "Bloody Charity Kidd"! Don't be a quittin' Quitter! Arghh, if ye be pickin' up the smokin' again you will be smelling funny like the Poop Deck at dawn. Arghh..


That's me mate! I'm Dread Pirate Rackham.


Congrats on the smoke free and the fantasy football, from Black Charity Rackham. :)


yo ho ho Cap'n Bess - congrats on yer quit! Now stay quit ye cranky wench!

ps. absolutely love the sweater - the buttons are perfection~

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