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My sister had this mosaic tray on display when I visited last weekend, so I took a quick photo.  I made this for her a couple of years ago, part of her "creme brulee" Christmas package -- complete with torch!  The idea was that she'd serve her delectable French dessert on this fleur de lis tray -- quite fitting, non?  It was an unfinished tray that I purchased at Hobby Lobby, I believe; I hadn't done such a small project before, and now know that I prefer them larger.  ; )

Yesterday, I saw the most delightful, mosaic patio table -- in the most delightful backyard I've had chance to stumble into recently -- oh, there was the cutest "garden shed" with big windows and french doors -- let's not even talk about the actual house...  Anyway, it was so creative and inspiring.  The table was rectangular and quite big -- probably sat six comfortably, though a few more could easily squeeze in.  It had a fairly wide, border of wood and was made mostly from rectangular tiles.  At each "place," looking an awful lot like a placemat, was a small iron grate all grouted in and looking almost lacey.  Gorgeous!

I need more time to do all the things I want to do!!!

I'm going to be up and at 'em early and out of touch for most of today and tomorrow.  Thank goodness I somehow have another four-day weekend.



Enjoy your long weekend!


Yipee for 4 day weekends!
Hey - I didn't get one?!?!?!


Ah, a woman after my own heart. I kept scrolling down and hoping for a picture of that patio table, ahem!
I bought a new patio table this year with plain square tiles set into it. I plan to replace these tiles one by one with my own mosaics. This is the real reason I bought it. This is also the reason the dh didn't want to buy it! I convinced him it was a good deal. I won.
Enjoy your long weekend.


4 days!? Lucky you. I'm so envious. Will you get a chance to do loads of knitting?


Wow, hope you have a great time over your long weekend... I am sure envious.


Oh, tile mosaic tables are so lovely!


OK Vicki Knitorious, you guilted me into posting!! ;). I have finally posted on my blog and of course forgot to size down the pics so be prepared !! ss


I adore mosaics. Love your Fleur de Lis! I have a box full of broken blue china that I have been carting around the country for the last decade - one day........


That is so pretty. I have always loved mosaics.

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