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First, Madeleine's early TV sensibilities seemed to go from Rugrats to Crocodile Hunter to Emeril, it seems, so it was Maddy that my mom thought of first when she saw the news of Steve Irwin's death yesterday morning and alerted us.  You can't help but feel sorry for his family, and it's so tragic and freaky, but, crikey, it somehow seems right that he died doing what he loved.

Dsc08443_2I helped Ali move to college yesterday.  She's never really been away from home before.  It's different.  She is so excited, though.  I was mopey for a while, but I've been caught up a little more in her excitement this past week, making sure she has everything, etc.  Lunch on Friday helped.  She has a new job at the mall, which is a mile from where I work, and school is 20 miles down the highway, so it's not like we won't ever see each other.  It's not like when I delivered Katie to school the first time and left her there, thousands of miles away, knowing I wouldn't see her at all 'til Christmas.  I rode home with Ali's friend/roommate's parents and both of us mothers recounted the story of the first child's emotional delivery to school.  I will likely see Ali on Thursday...

DH continued to work on the pergola.  True to form, we had quite a complete and specific plan -- to a point.  Now, we're flying and designing by the seat of our pants.  Slow going, plus there was a bit of a rain delay yesterday.

Dsc08445 Dsc08446

Fibonacci is all seamed.  I cannot describe the extreme sense of accomplishment and pleasure I had from matching up those stripes -- perfectly -- and seaming this sweater!  I am so pleased.  The first of the buttonbands was completed last night, leaving only button placement, and the second (buttonhole) band and collar to be knit.  It won't be long now.  ; )



I can't wait to see it finished!!! Maybe it will be just the push I need to FINALLY finish short rows. ;-)


The Fib is gorgeous!


So Fib and the Pergola Project should be finished about the same time, eh?
Good luck with school starting up again. When I went to college I only went 30 minutes away. It was far enough to be away but close enough to come home for Sunday dinners when I needed some love and a home cooked meal. I'll bet you'll see Ali a lot.


Woohooo awesome stripe matching. Something only other knitters can totally appreciate!


Very nice work on both the pergola and Fib!!

Amy Lu

You are a pillar of discipline and inspiration!


Your pergola is looking great and I can't wait to see your Fib finished.


Every time I see Fib I just sigh at how beautifully the colors work together. And to think it was knit from oddballs!


I love your Fib! And I envy your pergola. As for Steve Irwin, both of my kids were HUGE Crocodile Hunter fans and informed me of his death separately. Sad.


Love the Fib closeups - those colors are delicious.


fib looks great - love the colors! are you packing it for Rhinebeck?


Looking forward to the finished Fib - and seeing you on Sunday!


I just love to come to your blog, Vicki. It always feels welcome and warm.


I wish my girls were going to college only 20 miles away (heavy sigh). That distance is close enough to come home when they need to (like to do laundry and have a home-cooked meal) and far enough to have some independence.

I think all of us knew Steve Irwin would eventually be killed by one of his critters - that wild man! It is very sad for his family though.

That little glimpse of a sweater only whets the visual appetite for show soon!

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