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Pergola Project, Day 2

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The note about tomatoes was scrawled on an envelope and found sticking out of the mailbox yesterday morning -- our neighbor has gone on a trip.  From my reaction, you'd have thunk it was a money tree she'd left in my care.  ; )  Yeah, third batch of sauce in the oven today...

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DH is a table saw man -- it's been my experience that a fella is either a radial arm saw man (my dad) or a table saw man -- not that he can't use a radial arm saw, he just prefers the table saw.  He unloaded lumber and set up the table saw in the lower yard while I cleared off the deck and trimmed back the flora.  He also dug up the iris patch for distributing and transplanting elsewhere.

Dsc08417I must admit that for the rest of the day, I consulted and supervised and did my level best as lovely assistant, holding things steady when needed, etc.  I took Maddy to school, went out to lunch with Ali, made a run to the grocery store... it's not like I wasn't busy!  I believe my services will be more in demand today.  The picture was taken just before we went in for BLTs last night -- there was one more post planted after supper; one to go and then we start the top part.

Lunch with Ali was very nice.  It was mainly to take her pulse, you know?  I've seen and suspected some things and just needed to let her know how I feel about them and there was only a teensy bit of a lecture.  Really, I don't know if you could even call it that -- I just told her that I loved her, that I'm glad she's going to school, and said my piece -- and she reassured me about a few things and then we went shopping.  ; )

Updated to add my first Saturday Sky of September (with hammer and nails).




Shopping, was and still is something I love to do with my Mom. Funny when I was a girl, a "talk" was always followed by shopping, softens the blow I guess. There seemed to be alot of shopping when I was teen! ;-)


My girlie and I are going shopping today. Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to smooth things over.


I made the roasted tomato yesterday - just 1/2 a recipe - it was super!!! I took 1/2 of it and added frozen cooked shrimp and heated it up and served it on Eden Buckwheat Soba noodles -- FANTASTIC and Core too.

Thanks--I'm wishing my freezer hadn't died a few weeks ago. I would be doing up batches for the freezer if it were working. It would be awesome in a few months when it is cold.


The husband just arrived home with the garlic so I can make a batch of that sauce NOW. This morning I froze broccoli, zucchini and kale, and made a batch of pickled beets. It's just that kind of a day. :) Your Saturday sky pic is SO creative, I love it!


What a wonderful expression - having lunch with your daughter to check her pulse. I'm going to use that one myself. Hannah and I did the dreaded school shopping this afternoon and it was relatively painless.


I'm just chuckling . . . I don't think I've ever seen my Dad use a saw of any kind, in my entire life. If I asked him, I doubt he'd be able to tell the difference. Frankly, I'm impressed he knows the difference between the two screwdriver heads . . .

Nice windfall on the tomatoes!!


I can't wait to see the finished product! For a moment I thought that was you in the picture modeling a new hair do!

Amy Lu

I got a note this morning that we can buy extra tomatoes from the farm for $1 a lb! I'm so excited! The deck looks great!

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