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Constant Comment Contest

There was always a box of Constant Comment Tea in the cupboard when I was growing up.  Mom didn't drink much tea, that I remember, but she always had some on-hand.  While I certainly don't have "constant comments" around here, I get a few now and then and they sure do add up!  I noticed this morning that the number is nearing 6000 and that's a good enough reason for a contest, no?  All you have to do is leave a comment and if you're #6000, I will send you a yet-to-be-determined prize.

*Please allow me to clarify that those 6000 comments are on 750 posts!  I can't believe I've been blogging for 2-1/2 years and have written seven hundred and fifty posts!!  Anyway, that's an average of 8 comments per post, which isn't bad, but we're definitely not setting the world on fire with the "constant comments" over here.  ; )

Shirleyshrugs2 Shirleyshrugs4 Shirleyshrugs5

Having finished the Very Fab Fib, it's been all Shirley Shrugs around here this week. Another inspired project, this time by Shirley Paden's Cabled Shrug in the Fall 2005 Interweave Knits, it was to be a Christmas 2005 gift for my mom.  I'm ashamed to say that these pictures are over six months old and, at the time, the shrug was already overdue by more than a month.  I've changed most of the cables, removed the bobbles, and am making short-row "shoulders" with the hope that this will sit on and hug the shoulders.  I try to forget that I'm actually knitting a very, very, very wide scarf -- that's also quite long -- with lots of cables.  Oy.  I've completed one of the shoulders already (right side pictured in middle, wrong side at right) and I will confess that I keep admiring it, trying it on various shoulders in the household, using it as motivation to keep.on.knitting...  Oh, I've got to get this done!  (Reminder to self: No Christmas Knitting this year -- with possible exception for Mack!)

Thanks for the piratey chin-ups yesterday -- I had some good laughs!  More than anythin', "yo ho ho" be a good replacement fer th' smokes -- nay poop decks or walkin' planks fer me!  Yo ho.



How is it that you post a contest and no one comments? I know the first comment isn't the winner but someone has to be 5999. Be strong because smoking makes the yarn smell.


6000 comments? Gosh!

The shrug is gorgeous, 6mo pictures or no. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Good for you on 18 months smoke-free! (I meant to say yesterday but had a wiggly baby on my lap) That's one thing I'm glad I never took up - I've seen so many people try to quit and relapse again and again. Hopefully you never do!


Constant Comments: I love the tea and I do not make comments constantly on all blogs I read. If I posted more often, I might get more comments, too.


Personally, I recommend PG Tips (http://www.englishteastore.com/brands-pg-tips.html), which brews up nice and strong and could cure all the world's ills. Thanks for all the cool stuff to comment on, and congrats on getting back to Shirley..


Good for you for sticking to your guns!

Lise Gray

My favourite tea these days is Roobios - claims to cure whatever ails you, but then don't most herbal teas try to claim that. Congrats on the no-smoking! That's hard work. Keep it up. I really like the shrug. Looking forward to seeing the FO.
all the best, Lise


I love Constant Comment tea - in fact, it's so chilly here this morning, I think I'm going to make a cup right now. Keep going on the scarf/shrug. You are farther than you think you are!!


The no Christmas knitting rule should definitely be broken for Mack. He's so tiny, it will go so quickly.


I agree. The no Christmas knitting rule should stand, with the exeption of the little guy. Too much stress. Off to put on the kettle!


I never did like Constant Comment, but I tend to forget I am brewing tea, so it steeps too long and gets bitter. that's what's great about the Roobios, never gets bitter.

congrats on the cig thing. it's been 25 years for me, but still every once in a while I get the idea that I should have a cigarette. Just the idea of a smoke though, since I find the smell amazingly offensive. did I really smell like that? ick.


Yarr.........you can do it. I always read your posts, but sometimes don't comment because you just leave me speechless....:)


It is definitely chilly enough here this week to send one to the kitchen to brew up some Constant Comment.
There's nothing worse than slogging through a neverending project, but there's nothing better than finally finishing it!


Congrats on 18 months smoke-free!


Very exciting to be so close to such a BIG #!


Mmmm- Constant Comment! One of my favorite teas. They make a green tea version now- it's great as sun tea. The sun is shining here- maybe I should put the jar out to brew. Way to go on the milestone- 18 months smokefree is great!


I have never tried Constant Comment tea, though I do drink lots of the stuff.
I am glad you managed to stay quit yesterday, congratulations on the 18 months, stay strong.


You are such a popular gal! I am at 338 posts and have averaged 3.6 comments per post. As for Constant Comment, all I can say is m-m-m-m-m-m-m! I think it's tea time!


The cables are beautiful. While I like the look of bobbles, I really hate making them.


Whoo Hoo! Look at your comments go crazy with the contest - - I wonder if it's the promise of winning something they have no idea what it might be or if they just want to say hello.

I'm totally hoping the prize is something fun, fluffy & soft ;)


You have TONS of comments now!


Sheesh - I've been blogging just a little over 2 years and I'm still trying to hit the 300 comment mark, if I recall correctly. Granted, I don't post all that much, but 6000 comments? It'd take me a lifetime!!

I'm so enamored of short rows these days - I love pretty much anything having to do with them. I'm just starting to perfect the joy that is the short-row heel.


I'm so glad you're finishing up that shrug! Your mom will love it for winter. Wasn't the issue with that project that you didn't love the yarn, rather than the difficulty?


I'm so glad you're finishing up that shrug! Your mom will love it for winter. Wasn't the issue with that project that you didn't love the yarn, rather than the difficulty?


Constant Comment is my favorite tea! Congrats on nearing the 6000th comment, my friend. I'm at 6770 and I still can't believe it.


6,000 is a ton of comments! That boggles my mind, especially since I don't even know how to blog!!


I've only been reading your blog for a short time, and enjoy it muchly. My tea of choice is Tetly. Something about those round bags do it for me.


6000 comments! The mind boggles. I'm actually a big fan of Constant Comment hot. Not for iced tea - for that it's Luzianne.


I'm always thrilled when I get one comment on a post... I get very few.... (granted, when I go for months between posts...) 6000 comments is amazing!


I drank Constant Comment years ago while pregnant, and without giving TMI, I can't ever drink it again. Even the aroma makes me feel woozy. x_x I'm a green-tea fanatic, though.

I was reading your blog back when you Quit, and I remember cheering you on, but I hadn't graduated from lurker to commenter yet, so it was only here on my end, and never entered the keyboard. ;-)

Cindy B

6000! Kudos to you. No Christmas knitting . . . let me know how that works out for you. :-)

BTW I agree with Shirley PG Tips is the best tea. Love it.


Are we at 6000, yet? Can I comment twice on the same day?


6000 comments? That's quite a total you've got there! Congratulations.

And yes, what Jasmine said. Smoke scent in yarn? Ick!

Elizabeth H.

We always had Constant Comment Tea in the cupboard too! It's stll one of my favorites.


6000 comments. . . Wow! I think I have around 6. he he he

I quit smoking before my first pregnancy. I know how hard it is. Even after three years it's tough sometimes. You can do it though!!! Keep up the good work.


No Constant Comment in my cupboards (I'm a Celestial Seasons gal...Tangerine Zinger). Anywho, the shrug looks wonderful!! I don't think I'll ever have 6000 comments.


At first I thought you said that you had close to 6000 kinds of teas! haha! that's a LOT of tea, vicki!


hi ! I Love tea! but never heard of constant comment. I am hooked right now on one I buy at Panera bread, honey ginseng green. You knit beautifully. Have fun with the contest.


wow that's a lot of comments....
what'd i win????


I thought I posted here yesterday but for some reason the comment is not showing.....It was late so maybe I exited out before I published it...who knows.


I keep finding such great blogs since starting mine last month. I just taught myself to knit in the spring and so these blogs certainly inspire me.

Tetley is tea of choice here.

And a big congrats on quitting and being smoke free for 18 months. That is a huge accomplishment!!!!


I always remove bobbles, too... *shudder*


is it 6000 now?


how about now?


did I win?




Chris from Stumbling Over Chaos sent me over here - and I've been having fun reading through your posts. Congratulations on the milestones you've reached.


I loved Constant Comment - now I love Chai Tea -- did I win??? Yeah right -- I never win... :(


Constant Comment is an enduring classic. My mom was just moaning to me yesterday about how hard it is to find the green tea version of CC. That's because it sucks! CC is one of those things that is just perfect in its original state and should not be messed with. Mmmmmm. . . wish I had some CC with me right now but I'm drinking plain old Lipton at work today.


I have been blogging about the same amount of time and have about half the amount of comments. :P 6000.... wow.


One more try to make it 6000 before you post again!


That is a LOT of comments. I'm jealous. Good luck not christmas knitting ;)

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