Pergola Project, Day 2
Numbers schmumbers

The days are numbered

Dsc08435 Dsc08440

Dsc08438Had I not begun to number the Pergola Project Days, perhaps I wouldn't feel the compulsion to blog Day 3, but I did, so I do.  It may seem painfully slow, but that's okay.  DH has been working on it steadily, while I have been supervising, making meals, going shopping/to lunch/the store, running to the lumber lard (twice) and/or hardware store, schlepping kids and/or friends of kid, starting to seam Fib, etc.  Those 2x4 pieces on the top are not attached yet, but they are all cut and shaped and the holes are drilled and screws started (I'm responsible for the drilling and screw-starting) -- tomorrow!

Dsc08433 Dsc08427 Dsc08430

Last night's supper:  roasted tomato sauce,  baked eggplant, multigrain pasta, homemade bread.  It was the best yet.  ; )

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The pergola looks fantastic! Can't wait to see what the final project looks like. And, yummy - pasta!


Mmmmm, baked eggplant. I love it, but can't get the boy to eat it :( The pergola is looking great!


I think you and Peppermint Patty need to start a wood shop blog ring. DUDE! What's with all the power tools? I'm starting to feel like I chose home ec. I'm so NOT a home ec girl. ;-)


ha!! we're cool wood shop girls! project is looking great - I have been in the garage most of the day putting a color wash on my chairs ....

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