S is for...

Things to do

First, of course, I have to finish the Stupid Shrug -- that's an endearing term I've found myself using (I tell myself that I'm spitting saying it with love) for what is more formally known in these parts as Shirley Shrugs -- but then...

There are a few things on my knitting list and/or on my needles!  There's a clamoring and I've got to tame the beast make some sense of it a list -- and then some decisions.  Sweater season has arrived and the urge to knit stuff (sweaters or otherwise) has come on full force -- it's time to prepare the knitting nest for the long, cold nights ahead.  (One thing I've discovered, actually, is that the pool of the growing shrug on my lap on these cool, autumn evenings is quite nice -- and warm -- I've been known to arrange it just so.)

Dsc08562My Saturday sky is quite gray today (though, at the moment, it is dry), so the picture is taken through the changing leaves of the backyard ash -- the colors of which are so beautiful but so subtle, it's impossible to capture on film memory card.  It serves as a nice visual accompaniment to The (Partial) List of On-my-mind or In-progress Knitting:

Red Scarf Project Scarf(s) -- I have red yarn in stash!

Moebius Scarf -- how many times will I have to start before I get it right?

Socktober Socks -- possibly probably Eunny's Bayerische Socks as first seen at Deb's (hopefully, the suffering has ended!).

Not one, but TWO of Jane Thornley's "Road to Indigo" vests on the needles -- I love these!

Sivia Harding's Victorian Shoulderette with Lynne's beautiful yarn -- kicked my butt.

Peace Fleece Coup d'Etat Cardigan -- yarn and pattern in hand; I'll wear this a LOT, I'm sure of it.

Something for Mack for Christmas (mark my words: the only Christmas knitting I'll do this year) -- a stocking?  Sarah Peasley is picking angora from her eyebrows (Sept. 22) while working on a cute Grace Ennis design -- or do I want something cabley or more traditional?  Or maybe a sweater?

Oh, I hope, hope, hope to have Shirley finished in a month -- I did some calculations a long time ago (so many rows per this many days = finish line) (calculating how long it takes to knit something is probably the #1 knitting avoidance technique and usually comes right before a long period of marination, thus a UFO is born) (writing about #1 is probably #2), but at this point I'm more interested in the actual knitting and just getting 'er done.  How about that?  How did that happen?  Am I a getting be a grown-up knitter?

Today, I should have a good three hours of car time for knitting.  I am two rows away from the second short-row shoulder and that is uber exciting, mainly because it'll be worked in reverse of the first and I'm not quite sure how it will actually be done 'til I'm in the thick of the doing.  Knitting by the seat of my pants.  I think I'll sit in the back seat, just in case I have to spread it all out or need to take a little rest.

P.S.  If you're one of the three who hasn't written a Haiku for Cara's contest, get thee over there as the deadline is looming.  Also, if you haven't voted in the adorable, mother-to-be (it's a girl!) Wendy's Peep Poll, get over there, too!



It's the process...one stitch at a time. Don't fret. You can only do what you can do. We do want to do it all and maybe we can...but it's still only one stitch at a time. ;-)


That's right. Encourage more people to leave Haikus. Thanks. Thanks a lot. ;-)


I'd forgotten about that Victorian shoulderette. Thanks for the reminder.


Hee hee - Cara's going to be reading forever! LOL. Sounds like an ambitious project list!

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