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Dsc08620Shirley -- shot on the kitchen floor.  If you see any spills or spots or crumbs, please keep it to yourself -- floors are not on my list today.  In fact, as soon as I'm finished with a few little things here on the computer, I'm taking the morning to knit.  I have the house to myself 'til noon-ish -- that's been a rare occurrence of late -- and I'm taking full advantage to do whatever I please, without guilt.

My foot was the handiest (or footiest) thing around for scale -- there's a weird Birkie tan pattern this year due to the new style.  ; )  I haven't had a pedicure in a couple of years, though I'd rather like one.  Be that as it may, my big, unpolished toe seems to be pointing in the direction of the first short-row shoulder -- can you make it out?  And the second?  It's basically short rows done to accommodate the deletion of one full diamond repeat at the edge (in this photo, it's the upper edge).  It makes a slight curve and a bit of a pucker where the shoulders will be when worn.  Neither was done flawlessly, but I rather like the "markers" I left behind.  I'm working down the arm -- I could probably have left off one repeat at each end, but Mom does like to roll up her sleeves.  ; )  It makes a little more to cuddle into.

Dsc08628I perched atop a pergola "bench" to try and capture the color of my favorite ash in the back yard.  I just love the soft purpleyellowgreenishness.  The color changes have been pretty dramatic over the past few days -- the maple two doors down that can set my bedroom afire on a sunny morning has been lit!  The ash will be bare in a few more days -- one of the first to drop its leaves.  The walnuts are falling fast in the lower yard, too.  I collected them last year, but it turns out I misread the directions about how to store them and I ended up with a mess.  I might try it again.



Thanks for the photo update on SS. Enjoy your morning of knitting and GO get that pedicure. You'll thank me.


Enjoy your morning! Heh, I always love to see people's funky sandal tans and the SS is looking good!

It seems that the colors are starting slow, as if the ashes and a few others will be bare before the other trees get it together.


I can't believe how quickly we seem to be going from summer to late fall this year. I missed having the slow change from green to yellowredorangepurple - I'm seeing brown far to much :(
Shirley is beautiful


Shirley is looking great, I love autumn colours too. We collect walnuts from my friends tree every year, but last year mice stole them all from her storage place and hid them all over her barn!


Shirley is looking great Vicki! I am giggling thinking of you perching on your bench to snap some photos - the lengths we go to!

ps. perhaps we should put pedicures on our to-do list before we hit the road for Rhinebeck?


Lovely knitting - and the turning leaves - love that time of year, can't wait to see more!

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