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You don't really want to read about how many rows I knocked off on Shirley Shrugs, do you?

Dsc08534 Dsc08531

I didn't think so.  (Ten.  I lost some time when Katie dragged me to the library.)  This is more of my sister Sharon's handiwork -- the first and only thing she's ever quilted.  It's a dozen years old and I still haven't gotten over how frickin' cool it is.

Dsc08532 Dsc08535

Three of us quilted squares -- originally intended to be pillows for Mom for Mother's Day.  One of these days, I'll remember to photograph mine.  This one had to be a wall-hanging, instead, and you can no doubt see why.  It hangs in a window between the garage and mudroom so that both sides can be see and admired regularly.

Happy weekend!  My Saturday is pretty much booked, but also involves some car time and, hopefully, I can be a knitting passenger -- and there's always pretty good knitting during Sunday football games!



That is a very cute wall hanging, hope you find lots of knitting time this weekend.


Your family is amazingly talented! Hope you have good car knitting karma this weekend.


Why did she never quilt again? That's wonderful!!!!!


have a wonderful weekend, Vicki!


I love the double-sided effect of it. Hope you have a great weekend.


Shrug on, my friend. You can do it!


the quilt is lovely!
Can't wait to see a picture of yours =)

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