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I bought this yarn for Socktoberfest at Yarns by Design during the Midwest Masters Seminar* weekend -- had to have it for these socks, really, with a name like "Harvest."  Isn't it pretty?  I guess this will be my third pair using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn, and the sock yarn I've used most often.  I intend to knit Eunny's Bayerische Socks -- good practice for the eventual Am Kamin.

It's been a busy week at Chez Knitorious.  I've managed only a few rows on Shirl during each of the past few nights, but those stitches and rows do add up!  There are six rows to go and I expect the knitting to be finished tonight -- maybe the weaving-in of a few ends, too.  I have ideas and supplies on-hand for the sleeve closures -- and a day off tomorrow.  ; )

*The Spring 2007 session, April 28-29, will have classes taught by Candace Eisner Strick, Susan Lazear, Joan McGowan-Michael, Annie Modesitt, and Kathleen Power Johnson -- the class details aren't up yet.



That's a wonderful color for Socktoberfest socks! And only 6 more rows! Wooot!


I seriously love the colour of the yarn; it is going to look fabulous with Eunny's pattern. That colour is so perfect. Congrats on will feel so good when it is good!

Shelley (Pink House)

It was fun reading about your sock-knitting adventures in the last post. I tried knitting socks about two years ago on DPNs and HATED it. I mean hate. I gave the one complete sock, the remaining socks, and the dpns to my mom living in another state. But recently I tried knitting socks again (after giving in to the lure of Koigu)using the two circ method and I have to say, I like it so much more.


Your yarn is such a perfect October colour and that sock pattern is amazing, perfect combination. Good luck on getting Shirl all finished, you must be thrilled to be almost done.


I'm probably going to do Bayerische too -- I'm going through the pattern to make sure I understand everything that's going on. I couldn't quite tell the yarn requirements -- are you using 2 sk of Lorna's or 3? (or more?)


Yummy Lorna's and it will be perfect for Eunny's sock. How cool you're almost done. What a freeing feeling you'll have.


am kamin am kamin am kamin am kamin! STOP talking about it okay?!?


That's a perfect Socktoberfest color. Now, I'm off to look at the Midwest Masters link......perhaps I see that in my future?


That yarn looks positively tasty....


You KNOW I love that color. Is it solid, (or relatively, anyway), or does it have some other colors, too? I really prefer the solids or nearly-solids. I think I'm in the minority for that. :)


that yarn is very beutiful! I started Bayerische socks yesterday. i haven´t knitted much twisted stitches before so it is going to take a while..

Amy Lu

WHY DO THEY DO THAT!?!? They alway put EVERYBODY that I want to take a class from in the same weekend. Couldn't they split them up between Spring and Fall? Seriously, some of them better be teaching some pretty lame classes or I'm going to be upset! LOL...

Well, I think I may sign up for Spring MWM before this month is over! What a great line-up!

And I love that color! I was just thinking this morning of buying some orange sock yarn, but I want to do the Tiger's Eye socks from the Socks Socks Socks book. They are lace, and absolutely gorgeous! Have fun with yours!


I am so copying you with the orange yarn and the Bayerische socks!


Perfect Socktober colors! Thanks for the heads up on the spring classes.

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