Breakfast of champions
Hip to be square

I'll never go hungry again

Oh my goodness, that was a real "treat" yesterday!  (Heh, get it?)  I loved hearing about everyone's favorite breakfast -- or their second favorite or third or fourth.  ; )  I felt as though I was being fed a little morsel with every one, except that I wasn't feeling full at all or even satisfied and, in fact, I got HUNGRIER and HUNGRIER!

How could I have forgotten the deliciousness of cold pizza or lasagna for breakfast?!  Especially when it's the morning after one of those nights, you know, when the beer was really good and cold.  And then I remembered how much I liked cold, left-over salmon, too!  And all that cereal.  Oatmeal is the overwhelming favorite -- but baked!  Whoever heard of Baked Oatmeal?  Gretchen was so sweet and sent me the recipe and I can't wait to try it.  I will make a full report.  And hashbrowns -- I can practically smell Mim's cooking now.  Bacon and eggs and waffles and pancakes and bagels, oh my.  Breakfast really is fun, isn't it?  I can see Celia foraging through the kitchen wearing her pajamas, can't you?

Thank goodness, it's lunchtime.  ; )

So, tomorrow morning, this little Half-pint is packing up her nightgown (possibly a white one) and toothbrush, flying the friendly skies, heading east.  I'll bring some yarn and a sweater, and find room for clean underwear and all the rest, too, but I know what's important.  Rhinebeck, baby, my second.  I'm so excited.  Last year at this time, I wrote about being poised to experience a knit-blogger utopian nirvana weekend of unbelievable proportion, and then, Nirvana with mods from Cara's living room.  And I truly had a blast -- a wonderful time and I met so many people.  It was fun.  This is my kind of re-charging vacation -- friends, fiber, food, wine -- and here I am, poised to do it again (this time, with Bingo)!  Not much has changed, except that I do hope to make it to "Knitter's Gettysburg," have that ride on Onslow, meet Poe and D#2 and Boar.  I'm excited to be renewing acquaintance with some over the weekend, and over-the-moon with anticipation at making the acquaintance of some others.  It can be will be overwhelming, for sure, but I will do my best.

I hope to post one more time -- tomorrow morning -- before leaving.  I hope that I'll have an exciting announcement then, too (nothing to do with babies -- puh-lease, I'm too old for that and way too young to be a grandma, though technically not, but never mind about that, and I really would love one, but no, not yet thanks).



I almost made you a tshirt that said "ONE CUP" but Ann thought that was a little bit wrong. ;-)


oh, have fun in Rhinebeck. I am sooooo envious.


Kermit green with envy over your trip to Rheinbeck - maybe next year. Have fun!

I might have to have pancakes on Saturday to help the envy ;)


Have a fantastic weekend.


Um. The Celia link takes me to Mim.

Mary in Boston

My "posse" and I are so looking forward to seeing you at Rhinebeck!!! Safe journey and I'll see ya soon.


I will see you on Saturday, Vikki - this time with the baby on the outside. :)


Can't wait! I'm bringing my nightgown, too, by the way. ;-)


Okay, I have A recipe for baked oatmeal, but am always looking for more . . . (hint, hint)


I hope to see you there! :)


i am so bummed. i still dont have a car and even though i only live ONE hour from Rhinebeck cant quite figure out a way to get there. i thought i had a ride but it seems to have fallen thru.

after years of reading about it and now so close yet so far away.

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