Twist and shout

It's Saturday...

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As Katie watched me head out the back door this morning, camera in hand, she said, "Saturday Sky?"

You know it, tootsie!  It's sunny and clear, but a cold with doth blow today.

Heading out to spend a little time with Mack today!  Maddy's decorating and cleaning for her party tonight, and I'll be picking up a few more things for her...

I am also going to pick up the ingredients to make Abbey's Chili All Day, either today or tomorrow... it might be good for football tomorrow.  I'm delighted that I met Abbey at Rhinebeck last weekend, now if she'd only start blogging again...



that looks alot nicer than our Saturday Sky.


Hope you are having a great weekend! It's pouring here and really windy -- thank goddness Rhinebeck was last weekend!

Sheepish Annie

Ah, it is time for the handknit sweaters and socks! Love it...

Although today in Maine we are having quite the storm and my Saturday Sky is pretty dismal. And I've had no power for most of the day. Bleh...


Love the sun but I can almost feel the chill through the trees. It's not warm this time of year. Chili is a gret idea!


Nice sky,yum, that Chili All Day recipe is great, its too hot here though, the weather is being very strange.


Ooh! - love the moebius!

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