Random Tuesday


I don't know what I was "reading" when I was "reading my knitting" the other day.  I ended up making one arm of Shirley Shrugs almost an inch longer than the other.  It's kind of funny that I couldn't wait to get to the finish and yet ended up knitting an inch more than needed.  No one seems to care, so I guess I don't either.  It's just noted for the record.  ; )  I washed Shirl on Saturday, and spent quite a bit of time crocheting sage green Mission Falls cotton around plastic rings in order to make buttons.  In the end, no buttons.  The recipient of the shrug really does want a shrug and doesn't care so much about a shawl.  -I- care about a shawl, and if it were mine, it would be a shawl, no question.  The giftee should be happy, no?  Also, I didn't like how the buttons turned out.  I sewed up an arm, then the other, then ripped one out, but will soon sew it up again -- and maybe make a couple of little tucks in the back.  And it will be done.

Last night, I finally wound up the Lorna's Laces for the Socktoberfest Bayerische Socks and got a little start.  I'm only about half-way through the ribbing for the cuff -- that "through the back loop" all the time can be a pain, but I sure like how it looks.  This is my first time using Size 0 needles -- actually 2 is as low as I've gone thus far -- and I'm astonished.  Very cool.

Arrrgh.  If I'd left Ahman Green in my fantasy lineup instead of replacing him with Vernon Morency, I'd have come out ahead even though Greencandidit from the bench for the whole game!  It was a very sad, last-minute loss for the Packers yesterday.  Favrecouldhavedoneit.  ; )

I forgot my camera at Mom's yesterday, so I'm picture-less today.  And I've GOT to CUT this short... excuse me while I take the SCISSORS into the BATHROOM to CUT out the DAMN TAGS in this SHIRT that are driving me absolutely NUTS today.  My #1 pet peeve for the last 25 years -- haven't found one to top it yet -- if you're going to make a nice, soft-as-butter, cotton shirt, why the frick would you sew in the scratchiest, most annoying tags you can find; #1a, at the neck AND in the side seam.  Or maybe it's just me.  And it's Monday.



I'm sorry about the Pack but can I say something here? GO EAGLES!!! I'm so happy they beat Dallas and T.O. SO HAPPY.

Okay. Now that I got that out of the way, OH MY GOD IT'S ALMOST TIME!!!! I can't wait to see you.


Pet peeve 1a: sew in that nasty, scratchy tag with nasty, ultra-scratchy plastic thread, guaranteed to drive the wearer absolutely batshit.


I woke up on the same side of the bed you did today, Vicki. I am irritable and touchy as hell. Insomnia, bitchiness, I just LOVE menopause.


And the labels are usually sewn in with nylon thread that is POKEY! I'm with you grrl.


It's not just you.
Shirl is looking wonderful - can't wait to see the finished product.


I HATE scratchy tags but whats worse is when you ask your husband to cut the tag off and he cuts a hole in your new fabulous, can't replace it t-shirt, TWICE!!! Its a good job I can sew.


I don't have a piss-and-moan about the tags today, but I have a lot of OTHER pissing and moaning. It's been a long, hard day -- more computer shit. Lawd help us. The day computers were invented was the day Heaven and Hell collided.

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