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Fair warning right at the very beginning... this one got a little long-winded on me, it may have even gotten away altogether.

Photo-ready with nearly two of the large repeats finished -- Bayerische With Apples.  I still love it, and the love is growing right along with the sock.  It's so textured and looks much more complicated and intense than it really is.  There's even one whole row in the repeat where there's hardly any manipulation of stitches at all.  ; )

I've heard, though, that a stockinette sock is best for the social knitting situations, so I may just have to start another before Thursday's departure.  I've never knit a plain stockinette sock, and have wanted to give it a go, and have some self-something yarn that my sister gave me for Christmas last year.  Preparations for all knitting contingencies during travel makes me more frantic than just about anything else!  Even more than what to wear.  ; )  By the way, I've added's local forecast feed for Rhinebeck to my Bloglines, if anyone is interested.

It's so cold and windy here!  It feels and looks and smells like winter, and I've seen flakes floating around -- but OMG, Buffalo!  Brrr.  I see three new pairs of wool socks in my near future and they will be most welcome!

Lonesome_1There are still a few more days to join the Lonesome Skein KAL hosted by Carole and Susan.  There are over 100 posts already, lots of pattern links, and pictures of single-skein FOs already, too!  One item that I'll be knitting and posting over there is the Zoom Dust Mop Cover, a free pattern at Knit Playground.  I found this link a while ago at Julia's -- with pie!  I totally love this idea, having almost all hardwood in my home, and I have two such dust mops (one upstairs, one down)!  I think I'll knit mine in brighter colors, though.

Random Kid News:  Ali may be getting a different job at -- are you ready for it? -- another coffee shop.  ; )  It's the same one Katie works for, but in a different location.  She's heading off for a weekend of fun with friends in LaCrosse -- home of Oktoberfest USA which, thankfully (from this mother's point of view), has already occurred.  Maddy finished the classroom part of driver's ed this week and will be eligible to take the test for her learner's permit on the 25th.  My baby will soon be driving.

Speaking of babies, my blog friend (yet blogless) and fellow quitter Lesli has a new baby girl -- I like to think of her as my fairy blogchild -- one week plus one day old today, and she is positively perfect.  Congratulations Lesli!  You're a new mom!  ; )

I've been thinking a lot about moms this morning, prompted by Lesli's news, Katy's and Ann's posts this morning, stuff that's been ruminating. I think a lot about the Bookish Baby-on-the-way, look forward to Melanie's posts about Scarlet and Blu -- I feel so grateful to these women, and others, who share their pregnancies and their babies and their children with us.  Actually, as much as I'm grateful, I'm equally as envious that they have the technology at their disposal that makes it so easy for them to do so!  It's so cool for the babies themselves -- well, it will be when they grow up and appreciate it.

I've been thinking about Amish mothers.


I've been thinking about the Dutchicans and their mom -- half-Dutch, half-Mexican, Michigander triplets, all boys, due soon -- and the knit-along that I haven't joined yet, but it's only a matter of time (which is actually running out, so I'd better move!).  ; )

I've been thinking alot about my own motherhood which, well, let's just say that I don't think we're in the phase that's going to be my favorite.  I've been thinking of my sisters who are mothers -- one new, one not so new.

I've been thinking about Vicki.  She's a mom.  She's a knitter and a writer, too.  She writes more than she knits and I guess I've been hoping that it'll rub off.  I recently read about a new project that she's involved in, Gravity Pulls You In: A Book For Parents With Children on the Autism Spectrum.  There are many reasons why I would take note of that, but mainly it's because I know how much a book like that can mean -- and to spread the word. 

All of us with challenges.

In my comment at Ann's today I said that I have renewed appreciation for mothers -- past, present and future -- and that I draw strength from thinking about other mothers and women almost everyday.  That's one of the ways that I "mother myself."  Self-care.  I don't know. How do I express this?

I can feel it sometimes, can't you?  It's like a mother-ring, though really doesn't have anything to do with whether you're a mother.  You just think about and kind of "mother in your mind" women in pain or need, whatever their situation, and you think about yourself in their shoes, and then them again, and then your own mother -- possibly from a brand new perspective and with new appreciation -- maybe your aunts and grandma, and your old neighbor lady, and back to yourself, and then back to the beginning again.  It's like strength is gained with each trip around the ring, or some new knowledge or realization is made, or even just an acknowledgement.  There's an energy that builds -- a give-and-take that most of the "participants" aren't even aware of -- and even at one's lowest, emptiest and most distraught, when they feel there's nothing left, there is still something to give... something to be found.  It's love and life and hurt and compassion, spirit and will and hope, sadness and tears, strength and joy, happiness, fortitude.  It's like a Red Tent.  It's like clapping for Tinkerbell.  It's pretty much behind every ((hug)) I've ever given.

Does that make sense?  I probably need to hang out with Vicki some more.  ; )

Oh, but this morning -- in the realm of writers and Bright Ideas, I woke to find that Sandra Kring left a comment on the post where I talked about her book!  Freaky Friday!!



You might just have to move here when I have my own baby. Seriously. I need you. And I love you.


Oh my god and the sock?! FANTASTIC!


That sock is so beautiful! Thanks for the Lonesome Skein link.


I love that sock! Thanks for the triplets link; have already joined the Lonesome (so I guess my skeins aren't so lonesome any more! LOL).


love it Vicki --- and thanks again for the fresh perspective - you are so right!


So well said. (And awesome sock!)


The sock is awesome. I'm doing okay with the cables but I don't think I'm ready to try that just yet.
Mothers. It's so complicated for me. I miss my mother, who's been gone 8.5 years, every day. And I do think about mothers and women and what we do in those roles a lot. I never thought about it as a ring before but I like that idea and I'm going to try it out.
AND I got to rub the bookish baby bump last night.


I love the sock's color - pumpkin on my monitor.

Vicki, what an interesting insight - self-mothering. My mother was cold and distant, and I'm the eldest of 4, so not much mothering happened when I was young. I have a husband and two grown daughters who keep me emotionally busy. I've always criticized myself for being selfish when I take time for me - but perhaps I should call it self-mothering instead, and cut myself some slack?

I love your writing!


Gorgeous sock, and a wise move to bring a stockinette sock to the social thing. Just remember, turning the heel is a solitary activity, but luckily it only takes a little while.

Lovely post about mothers and mothering, too. It has taken me many years to get to the sisterhood of mothers thing; my kids are nearly grown, but mothering goes on forever.

Teresa C

Vicki, I just have to tell you that I think of you as a mother very often. I think because our girls are about the same ages and stages, so when I read about yours I feel a sister-ship with you. My oldest is in Australia for a semester and I remember when yours was in Europe and all of her travels. And how happy you were, and I will be, at the homecoming. The learning to drive story-perfect. Anyway, when I think of mothers, I often think of you. You didn't know that did you? :)

Bookish Wendy

I love that you're a part of my pregancy. Your support and encouragement means so much. I admire you as a mother and I wonder how my world will change when baby comes. I imagine I will have a whole new appreciation for mothers everywhere!

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