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Random Tuesday

I'm having a heck of a getting a post off today, even a random one.  My camera is still at Mom's.

I've got a new email address:  vknitorious at gmail dot com.  Yeppers.  I've still got the yahoo one, but the reply-to should be gmail, as would be my reply to comments on the blog.  I've been trying to use the new one when I leave a comment, too.  ; )

I haven't completely finished the shrug yet -- maybe tomorrow.  You're sick of hearing about it, I know.  It's been a year since I first mentioned it.  I ignored it yesterday in favor of the first Bayerische sock.  I wonder if I've bitten off more than I care to chew right now with that Bayerische sock business.  Sometimes I knit too tightly, which makes knitting -- not to mention cabling without a needle -- pretty frustrating, so I have employed both crochet hook and cable needle with some regularity.  Not really saving much time, you know?  It's mostly a test of agility and trying not to poke my eyes out with all five DPNs employed, plus cable needle and sometimes hook, and also taking into account the stupid bifocals and how I can sometimes see better without them, but then it's got to be close -- and I'm not kidding about the danger with the eyes.  I had lots of practice with Shirl in cabling without a needle -- there was only one cross in the chart where I used it regularly -- so maybe as I make progress and (hopefully) loosen up, it'll be easier.  Deb, Celia... how are you doing with this pattern?  Who else is knitting these socks?

My "T" is overdue.  Hopefully T-omorrow.

This weekend (or maybe tomorrow), I plan to re-start the moebius for the gazillionth time -- okay, maybe only fourth time.  I intend to have it ready to go on the airpline, a week from Thursday, to Rhinebeck.  I'll bring both WIP socks, with Celtic Braid on standby, in case the aforementioned is too much.  I'll have to think about what else I can start pack tote so all knitting opportunities will be covered.

I'd sure like to bring home something good from Rhinebeck (before y'all get too excited, people, it will not be a wheel -- if there were 10 more minutes to each day, maybe, but not now).  By good, I mean with purpose -- memorable and meaningful.  I don't really do well in the purchasing department at these types of things, lots of onesie-twosie purchases -- last year, two hanks of STR, one hank of Alchemy Haiku, one hank of Brooks Farm Four Play -- I used the STR (anyone remember Jaywalkers?), but the other two are still with me.  No real purpose.  I certainly don't need to buy stuff to participate in Lonesome Skeins!

Tonight is WW and I am torn.  I don't know -- how long have I been doing this? -- and I'm just spinning my wheels.  I'm just not into it right now, even though I'd still like to lose a few pounds.  Oh, I am so not into it.  Problem is, it's getting colder.  I'd been wearing cropped pants all summer -- mostly lightweight cotton with a drawstring, I bought one in just about every color -- but they're not working so much anymore.  They don't make drawstring jeans.  ; )  Yes, I have heard of elastic.  No, thanks anyway.  Truth is, I do not want to buy new clothes just so I have something that fits without binding or pinching a nerve or cutting off the blood flow.  I hate buying clothes and with this attitude, well, I sense disaster, frustration, anger -- and no new clothes.  So, yeah, I'm just venting.  I don't want to be a twig -- not even close -- why the hell does it have to be so hard.  I did reach the elusive 10-lb. loss mark a few weeks ago, but as of last week I let another three drift back and this week is going to be horrible.  I just know it.  Warning:  I will not be held responsible for any sudden upswings caused by reading the following sentence.  There's been homemade split pea chowder, cream of broccoli soup and apple pie, and chocolate chip cookies from purchased dough (close enough, you know?).



Love, love. love the Bayerische socks. I would say it is definately worth doing on the 2-circulars (or Magic Loop) though and without the cable needle. I can see where the % double points would not be agreeable at all. I'm halfway done with sock one. Keep going...


I've been a bit slow to get back on the WW bandwagon. My first meeting since June was last week and I had lost 1.6 lbs since then which is good but I haven't been doing that great a job of counting this week so I'm not sure what will happen on Thursday. I'm just not into at the moment. I lost my 50 and I'm still feeling so much smaller and lighter that my drive has left me. Of course there's at least 50 to go so it's not such a good thing...

I'm the same way at Rhinebeck so I decided to get the yarn for teacher gifts there this year.This way I have uses for a bunch of single skeins.


Try bigger're knitting too tightly (I usually do too). Enjoy the food you like but get out a bit more and walk. It's too hard to give up on good food...just move more.


Margene's got good advice. Too bad I don't take it either. ;-)
Can't wait for Rhinebeck - and I'd love to help you pick out something special. I'll try not to force a wheel on you. Heh heh heh.
I talked to Dixie today and I'm still hoping my birthday present will arrive in time for our photo op.


How do those pounds sneak on?! I can't believe how little I exercised this summer, but the fit of my clothes makes me believe.


Well, it seems to me that the dieting thing is sort of like the smoking thing . . . kinda sorta . . . which you CONQUERED, you wonderful non-smoker, you.

With smoking, it was "don't quit quitting." With dieting, it should be "don't quit trying." Okay, that's not as catchy, but you know what I'm trying to say?

Don't quit trying!


I could never never get beyond that elusive 10 pounds while doing WW, which forced me to do the thing that I dreaded more than anything...........go back to the gym. Ouch.
It does seem to be working, however.

Amy Lu

You just want to lose 10 lbs? Aw, that's not hard. I've done that about 20 times....(I know, it's the keeping it off that I seem to have issues with....)

Fall is NOT a time for losing weight. It goes against nature. Hibernation and all that jazz. We don't live in Florida, who cares? Yeah, I might be a big girl compared to someone from, say, California. But seriously, this is Wisconsin. Vicki, you're a freakin' twig! Just go for a stroll at the local Wal-Mart... you should be feelin' pretty good before you leave. That's what I do, it's the Sheboygan Diet....


I've been down with a bug the past two weeks and WW went by the wayside this week -- I just wanted comfort food and gave into it -- next weeks weigh in is going to be painful -- especially since the day before we have a bus trip to the Culinary Institute with lunch provided up there. Oh My --


You can do it! That said, I TOTALLY understand your frustration -- it's just so darn hard to lose weight if (1) you are busy; and (2) if you love food. But, stick with it!

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