Labor Day Project is Complete!

Reminder to self

The Design Gallery, current exhibition is New School Knitting: The Influence of Elizabeth Zimmermann and Schoolhouse Press.  I missed the opening reception -- oh, that's what was niggling me over the weekend -- but the show is up through December 17th and there are a couple of other events of which to take note.  There is a virtual exhibition catalog here -- be warned, I think a person could spend hours clicking away over there...

I am a Socktoberfest failure.  Well, I guess not really a failure -- pretty much the only requirement for participation is that you love socks (and I do), and while calling it a love/hate relationship would be rather drastic, I do have issues.  I have turned the heel on my first Bayerische sock and am mid-way through the gusset and I think I'm going to rip and start over.  Sometime.  I might finish my Celtic Braid (not far to go and there'll be a pair!) first.  I still sometimes ignore the voices in my head, and sometimes even the gasping-with-surprise voices on the phone -- the ones that say, "Why would you do THAT?"  So, yeah, I'm gonna rip and start over.  I'll try it on one more time to make sure... I think I want longer and a better fit.

I have been working on a little sweater for the Dutchicans.  It's a little bit of Opptuna and a little bit of another pattern modified to my gauge with some Lion Kool Wool from stash.  There was sadness in Michigan last week, as one of the boys died -- I can't really even imagine -- so the multiple birth that was to be three will now be two.  Every good vibe I've got is for those two boys' good health and growing strength in these last couple of weeks before birth.

I meant to work on the baby sweater, or cast on a Red Scarf last night, but instead it was the Beaded Smoke Ring (sans beads) that captured my attention.  I'm going to make the sweater and scarf a priority, and the smoke ring (especially after the lace part is finished) will be take-with-me-everywhere knitting, and intend to cast on my Peace Fleece cardi on Monday at the latest!

Thanks for the kind words about Shirl and the moebius (I'm wearing it today!) -- heh, I never did give that one a pet name.  ; )  It occurs to me that I probably don't express my thanks enough.  Thank you.  Thank you for reading my ramblings here, and especially for taking the time to drop in and leave a comment, ask a question, share an opinion, a memory, advice.  I'm really sorry that I don't always respond -- I intend to, but life/time just doesn't allow.

Happy Halloween!



I've got some Peace Fleece for a cardi waiting - it's next in line (unless I change my mind).

Congrats on your win last weekend. I'm getting used to being at the bottom of the league barrel.


Happy Halloween and I hope your Moebius is keeping you warm.


The situation with the Dutchicans breaks my heart. I'm with you, praying for their health and a safe delivery.


Don't think of it as failure. Instead, think of it as so much love for that sock that you want it to go on and on and on and on. And also, on. That's how I'm looking at my poor, lonely little Socktoberfest sock, which doesn't even have a heel.


You must knit what speaks up first;-) Your ramblings are always insightful and enjoyable reading.
The only reason I knit a sock for Socktober was because of Toasty Toes. We can't always knit everything we want and you've knit several very large projects over the last few months. I have a very good picture of you in your Fibby sweater. I'll post it on my side bar later this week;-)


Thank you -- it's always welcoming to come by. You are so NOT a Socktoberfest failure -- I think of it as getting excited about making socks, not necessarily finishing. Justification? Yes siree.


I was almost a Socktoberfest failure............but, that ole' catholic guilt got me...
I still love your blog, no matter what you knit or don't, thanks to you!


I refuse to think of myself as a Socktoberfest "failure". Even if the Bayerische sock has been kicking my ass. Today, I will turn the heel on the first Bayerische, which I may never have attempted had it not been for you mentioning it just at the time I was looking for a challenge. It has been an interesting ride, to say the least, but not a particularly productive one. I was hoping to finish a pair by now and start on another pair - wedding socks for my brother and his new wife. Well, I don't have to give them the socks right now, and I'm sticking to my original plan and will conquer those Bayerische socks, even if it takes until January! So, even though Socktober will be officially over at midnight, it wasn't a race, and I attempted something I'd never tried before. I am a Soctoberfest survivor.


Delurking to say that I love your blog, and I've recently bit the bullet and ripped a few things because I knew I'd rather have them late and the way I wanted them rather that always know that I chose not to fix it. THis certainly doesn't apply to all my knitting, but it does tend to apply to the knitting I think of as challenges (currently a lace shawl that is kicking my butt!)


Thanks for the link to EZ show, since I am too far away to attend in person. Moving slowly through socks and getting a few is just fine - after all, it's not a race.


Don't feel too bad about Soctober I did no better. I finished one sock that I started in September and started one that I have yet to finish!

Dixie Grilley


I was at the opening on Sunday! You should have been there! They were overwhelmed by the number of people who showed up to hear Meg talk. It was the biggest opening ever! I talked to Meg and there is a good chance that she will come to Yellow Dog to do a workshop!!!!!!! Holding my screams until it's definate! Got to see Hazel Carter but didn't get to talk to her. Cheryl Oberle, Amy Detjen, Liz Upitis, and Joyce Williams were there. It was uber cool!

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