Shawl we?
Sock it to me, baby

Shirl the pearl

Shirl1I snapped these bathroom pics on Sunday night.  I worked on "Shirley Shrugs" during every spare moment of the weekend.  At the lunch break on Saturday, I ran to Zuppa's for lunch, then walked down to the shop to buy two hanks of Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Sock for my Socktoberfest socks (my only purchase of the weekend!), and went straight back to the seminar venue and got right to work.  I sat out the break between end of Saturday classes and dinner in the "hospitality room" doing the same, and lunch on Sunday was a rinse-and-repeat of Saturday (except for Zuppa's and the yarn).  I was asked about it on occasion and I'd roll my eyes and called it "my penance."  It's all paid off, though, and there are fewer than 20 rows to go as of last night.  Margene's words have been echoing in my head: " what you can do... want to do it all... it's still only one stitch at a time."  She might have said something about some sort of process, too.  ; )

Shirl2Oh, my, is this ever nice around the shoulders.  The short rows worked wonderfully, just as I'd hoped, and I'm excited to finish the knitting and fool around with the closures -- probably from cuff to elbow or just above.  What I've got cooking in my mind's eye -- an optional closure at each end so that it may be worn closed as a shrug or open as a shawl, but without looking "unbuttoned," so that the closures have to be a decorative element, or... this makes me laugh... you might even say an "embellishment."  You know, I'm going to have to admit that I've had a few fuzzy thoughts about what I might like to do, but the inspirational clarity comes from one of Fiona's swatches.

Did I mention that I love Fiona Ellis?  ; )

If I wasn't so bored, I'd knit another one of these for myself.  Perhaps I will one day -- I actually have a start on one because it wasn't long after getting going on this that I could see the writing on the wall -- lots of writing (longhand) on a very big wall -- so I started another in a bulkier, woolier yarn and I really tried to sell it to Mom as being more preferable, but she didn't buy it.  I sometimes think that she might have gone for it if I'd made a larger swatch, but actually... I know my mother... she would have said, "Knit both and I'll choose," or (more likely) "Knit both and I'll take both!"  Heh.  Katie wants one, too.  I love her dearly, but she can knit her own.  I've learned many things by knitting Shirley Shrugs, and probably the most important is that I won't be knitting anything for anyone (except perhaps wee Mack) for Christmas this year -- and maybe not next year, either.  ; )

So it wasn't a very happy day for Packers fans yesterday.  I gambled in the Fantasy game and lost big.  I'll tell you who I'm happy for today, though, and it's Charlie Pena.  I cried my way through the pre-game feature on "Coach Charlie" last night -- my eyes weren't truly clear and dry 'til mid-way through the first quarter -- and I had the same feeling that I did during Super Bowl XXXII.  If we lost, it would be okay in a cosmic sense because Charlie would be so happy, the perfect seal for his wish, just as it was "right" that John Elway won that Super Bowl game.  Sometimes, it's all about the warm-fuzzies -- yeah, is my competitive streak showing?  ; )

As found at Mason-Dixon Knitting:  I've sent my foot measurements to Cat Bordhi, have you?

Still to come:  Katie's "new" car.  Socktoberfest details.



The shrug is beautiful and you, my dear, are a true lesson in patience!!


Shirley is wonderful. It's a shame it's a boring knit because you should have one for yourself, too!


It is certainly worth all that effort.......isn't it funny the things we do to get pictures of our knitting?


Ah yes, the end is near! It's a beautiful gift and your mother will love it and use it. That makes it worth your time.


The shrug is beautiful. The 'boring' knits are pretty challenging...congratulations on finishing (and persevering to the end). I too love Fiona; she is such a great teacher and has so much energy - anyone who has the opportunity to take a class with her must. Great job Vicki!


Your shrug is beautiful! I didn't see the start of the game last night, but would like to learn about Charlie Pena.


The shrug is absolutely beautiful!


I guess I'm just going to echo what everyone else said...the shrug is beautiful!


You're giving it away??
It looks fabs on you! Perhaps make your Mom another less.. taxing shawl out of the same wool so she wouldn't know the difference?


Oh, you SO need that shrug for your own - it looks great!


That shrug is grreat! Your design??? Will you share??? Yes, make one for yourself, it's too good not to.
And yes, our Packers stink. But, we've b een through bad times before; keep the faith.


Just saying, there is no team stinking more in the NFL than my very own Tennessee Titans. 0-4 so far, and their biggest lineman just got a historic 5-game suspension for stomping on a guy's helmetless head. Now THAT is a stinky team!

Go Packers, or Ravens, or anybody else!


Just saying, there is no team stinking more in the NFL than my very own Tennessee Titans. 0-4 so far, and their biggest lineman just got a historic 5-game suspension for stomping on a guy's helmetless head. Now THAT is a stinky team!

Go Packers, or Ravens, or anybody else!


Shirl the Pearl is AWESOME. That sort of thing may be just the thing for me in my cold house this winter. Listen to me, sounding like I have all this knitting time.....:)


Shirl is goregous!!


Your mom's shrug is beautiful! You did a great job on it, she will love it.


I ABSOLUTELY love your knitting and the cabled shrug/wrap is beautiful. I just found your site and it is now on my "daily" list. Knit on...............Marilyn

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