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That's my favorite back yard ash, now leafless.  We've had a spectacular week weather-wise -- foggy, frosty mornings giving way to clear, sunny skies and warm temperatures.  You can't walk anywhere without leaves crunching underfoot.

Thanks for the comments yesterday -- and for making me think.  This is why I love blogging and why I continue to blog, even though it's sometimes hard, and I sometimes have doubts -- my feelings run the gamut from forthright and funny (though maybe I'm only amusing myself) to intimidated and shy to presumptuous and sanctimonious to over-exposed to wondering if I'm banging my head against the wall just to see if it makes a sound.  Oh, there's more -- so much more I want to say, but did you see that sky?  Yeah, and Mack is coming today!!  I haven't seen him in a month -- since the day he started walking!



I suspect your gamut of feelings is shared by all (sane) bloggers. I know I have felt them all. Thanks for sharing yourself with us!


Great sky! We don't have leaves underfoot yet but my weeks end we will. Kate is smart...keep Shirl as is!


Have a fun Max fix!! No more "babies" in our family, the youngest is 3 (nephew too) and he acts very grown up sometimes. But when he comes up and says "what's happenin baby"?, you just got to roll on the floor laughing.


sorry meant Mack fix.


Your skies are just awesome... I absolutely love the light in the fall.

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