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Wind in her hair

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Katie has inherited my thing for cars.  On Monday, October 2nd, I drove her to the parking lot of our nearest grocery store -- at 5:30 a.m. -- so she could take delivery of her new baby.  It's a 1990 Saab 900 Turbo which she purchased, all by herself, via the internet, from a used car dealer in New York.  She not only found and purchased the car herself, she also arranged financing for a small amount of the purchase price, transport of said vehicle from NY to WI, insurance, licensing, maintenance check-up, and purchase and installation of a new radio*.  In short, my baby doesn't need me anymore.  I'm both happy and sad, you know?  Doesn't she look happy?  I think she likes the way the wind blows through her hair when the sun roof is open.  She's also been turning heads.  You know how guys with puppies or babies just naturally attract the appreciable and admiring attention of the opposite sex?  It's like that for Katie with this car.  Who knew?  She's a little blown away, too, and said that this particular car must be the "muscle car of Saabs."  Plus, she's just so darn cute and stylish, if a mother may say.  ; )

*I don't know what to call it.  It's a radio, but ohsomuchmore -- iPod-ready, satellite radio-ready, CD player, and the display panel is a regular light show! 

KNITTING:  Deb, you were right!  I stuck with it and I love Eunny's Bayerische sock!  I took Margene's advice, sort of, in regard to the tightness of my knitting and went up a needle size; "sort of" because I only ripped back to the increase row, so the ribbing is done on Size 0 and the rest on Size 1.  I have a start on the second large repeat and tried on the sock last night (not easy with inflexible DPNs) and I think it's going to be just fine.  I'm not dropping nearly as many stitches and the knitting is much more pleasurable overall.  And I've decided that my next socks are going to be Mim's Eleanora.  Yes, I do have two (three, if you want to get technical) other pairs of socks in progress already.  What of it?



Eleanora was so much fun to knit! Glad the suggestion worked. Can you believe that one week from tomorrow we'll meet face to face? Squeeeeee!

Go Katie! You look great in that car.


Katie looks so cute in her new car, I know nothing about cars, my boys despair of me, but I only remember what colour of cars my friends drive!


Katie looks quite pleased with the whole situation, I must say. As for the socks, I don't like to have too many socks on the needles at once because they all seem to take forever to finish. But if it works for you then more power to ya!


The car is wonderful - might have to get Katie to find me one ;)


Woot! Can't wait to see you knit Eleanora! :)


Only one word for your baby Katie and her baby: awwww!


Thank you for your kind comments. How is your brother doing? Yes, I believe in magic--that is, the ritual, magic type things we do when someone is ill hoping that those things will make them better--or at least make us feel better that we are doing something. I can't do anything medical, but I can knit! I don't know if my brother will be impressed or not, but I feel a bit better.


Good for you re the Bayerische socks. And thanks for the link to Mim's - I see a couple there I would like to knit. AND I am totally behind you on having 3 or 4 socks to knit - why not?


Oh.... tell me she wasn't 4.5 like yesterday? I can't image Supergirl that big.


Hot car!! :) Looking forward to seeing your B. socks. And thanks for reminding me that I want to knit some Eleanoras...


Wind in her hair indeed! Great pics!

lynne s of oz

A red head babe in a Saab!
Ooh, you are off the Rhinebeck again! I wish I could go.... Say g'day to other knit bloggers for me :-)


So glad you're sticking with the "B" socks. They are so worth it. Please tell me that Katie has put the top up on the car by now - what with the snow and the wind and all. IT'S COLD HERE NOW!!!


GROAN. I love that sock. Stop it.
Your daughter is beautiful, Vicki.


VERY impressive. I'm also dying to know where your daughter went online to research cars and financing. I've tried several dealers in person and they're still their cliche'd unpleasant selves. Would she pass on some of her expertise???

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