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I can't tell you how many times I picked up The Tongue River Farm Sock Collection booklet at a recent fiber fest in the east.  And the yarn.  And the kits.  Did I buy any of it?  No.  Why not?  I can't really tell you.  I've visited Katherine Misegades website before, drooled over the designs there, even signed up for the notify list.  I can't explain it.  Upon returning from said fiber fest -- alas, not quite empty-handed, but not with any of these things -- I did receive a notification from Katherine about her new book.  It just so happens that my birthday is coming up -- it's Monday, in fact -- so I sent DH the link for a book (Cables Untangled) that I'd like, and also the link for Katherine's new book which, with a projected delivery date of mid-December, would make a very nice Christmas gift.  Always thinking ahead, we are.

Of course, I then placed an order for The Tongue River Farm Sock Collection with Schoolhouse Press (because they're nice and close and I've had them on my mind, what with missing the opening of that show in Madison last weekend and all) and it needed company so I added Janet Szabo's Aran Sweater Design to the cart, too.  They arrived yesterday, along with the new Interweave Knits.  Very happy mail day -- a lot more fun than the junk election mail.

Speaking of which, I'm considering Tuesday to be a big birthday present from all the candidates.  DH was so frustrated with one of our local candidates the other day -- the candidate, in fact, that he agrees with most and will most likely vote for -- and the relentless, annoying, recorded phone calls, that he slammed down the phone and declared, "I am not voting for so-and-so!"  Of course, he went on to say that he actually probably would, but it's all so aggravating and frustrating!  I was discussing this with a friend the other day and he wondered if perhaps that isn't the goal of some of this advertising -- that certain candidates may actually benefit from keeping turn-out low and that one way to accomplish that is to annoy the freakin' hell out of them.  This is nothing new, no doubt, but was a bit of an "oh yeah" moment for us.  Turn-out is expected to be 50% in our state.

There are so many November birthdays in blogland!  Lynne S. of Oz, Jasmine (omg, with the cutest new 'do!), The Boar, Joe, Deb... I'm sure I'm missing some (I wasn't taking notes), so pipe up fellow Scorpios.  ; ) I'd wanted to come up with a contest to celebrate my birthday -- I really had a lot of fun with my first -- but it just wasn't happening.  Instead, I'm entering one... presenting my November (office) calendar page for Deb's Calendar Girl Contest!  This is one of the cheapest calendars ever, but I loved that nearly every month of flower photos included pansies.  Yeah, I'm easy (and sometimes cheap).

Today, Katie and I will be doing this!  Woohoo!  My new sweater that I couldn't resist casting on for last night should really, really fit!



I got my IK yesterday, and within 10 minutes I had cast on for the 'Cowgirl Slipper Socks'. Not in 'buffalo' - in much more mundane worsted wool, 'cause we have no buffalo here. I learned a new (to me) cast on - the Old Norwegian, which is different from the long-tail that I ALWAYS use. Glad to learn a new thing - it keeps one young!

Thanks for the link to that 'wrap-party' - it was hysterical! You MUST take pics of yours.


I'm gonna need pictures of the wrap party. No lie.


Our canidates have been driving us crazy with too much mail, computer phone calls and tv ads. I feel like your hubby and don't feel like any of them deserve my vote! I may vote for the bottom of the ticket but certainly won't be voting for the incumbants. (Enough ranting.)
The IK is wonderful and so are the other book choices you've made.


I got my IK a couple of days ago and have been saving it for bedtime. Of course, I've fallen asleep each night before I've gotten past the first few pages!


November 2 is my birthday! I'm shouting out because I'm a scorpio. lol

And I can't wait for my IK to come. I keep checking the mail box.


Definitely what Cara said, we need to see this!
I hate that you all get your IK WAY before us. I think I like loads of stuff already.


'Nother Scorpio stepping up for a birthday... have to find my camera to take pictures of the november calendars around our house... Happy Birthday to you too


mine is nov 16th. go scorpios!

cant wait to see the finished product - what a great idea!


We're being driven crazy in Ohio too. I find myself pressing the mute button a lot on my remote lately. I'm a November baby too (the 16th), I've already started celebrating. I got a "new do" by donating 10" of my hair to Locks of Love and got myself some STR yarn (Scottish Highlands, it's so pretty). Happy Birthday (on Monday) Vicki.


I didn't realize we had the same birthday! So does Beth (Stuck on Socks). Isn't the 6th the BEST?

And, thanks for the calendar!


Scorpios, yeah! Nov 17th here! :)

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