48 Things for my 48th Birthday
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Dsc08700_1_1You may recall that my eldest daughter, Katie, did a little guest blogging last month while I was away -- here and here.  She wrote of having submitted a drawing in an art show and crossing fingers...

SHE'S IN!  The graphite drawing at left will be in the Avant Grande Partner Art Show at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago on November 17th!!  It's a pretty cool deal and I'm so excited and happy for her, and so proud.  There's a chance that this could also extend to inclusion in One of a Kind.

The dumb way these things work, though, is that the work has to be hand-delivered on the 14th or 15th in Chicago and attendance at the actual event on the 17th is mandatory, which is fine, of course, but also in Chicago... it's not just a hop and skip away.  We never say, "Oh, I'm going to run down to Chicago today."  I think how it'll work is that Katie will do a day-trip to take the work down mid-week, and then she and I will both go on the 17th and make another long day of it.  It'll be a very long day, and busy, but so exciting, too.  It's a pretty big deal for my artsy fartsy girl!!

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Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes yesterday!  Oh, they were so much fun to read and I had a smile on my face all day.  ; )

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Congrats Katie!! What wonderful news.


yay for Katie!!


Congratulations to your daughter! She is very talented, that is a wonderful drawing.


WHOO HOO!!! Congratulations Katie!! Amazing drawing. She's gets that talent from you, right? ;-)


Congrats to Katie! It's a wonderful drawing.

Teresa C

Yay Katie! And hooray to the proud mama!


How wonderful for Katie! There are worse things than going to Chicago for a day;-)


Congratulations to Katie! That's wonderful. I think a day in Chicago sounds like fun.


Congratulations to your daughter - what a great achievement, and a great piece of art, too. I always love Chicago - your trip sounds like fun (barring bad weather, of course!)


Yay! Congrats to Katie!


Congrats to your daughter. That is so awesome!!


Congratulations Katie! Have a great time in Chicago.


Fantastic, Well done Katie and seeing as my geography is complete crap, how far away is Chicago??


Oh, I bet you are so proud! Congrats to Katie.


Katie, you go, girl!! Congrats on getting another year older with dignity. Have a great time in Chicago! If you don't want to drive all the way, stop in Madison and take the Van Galder bus. You can knit the last three hours of the trip!!! Of course, if daughter drives, you can knit all the hours of the trip.


Congratulations to her!!!


Congrats to Katie, and also to Kathie's Mom! Isn't it great when an offspring ahs a success? Katie, you're driving to Chicago, right, so that Mom can knit?

Jane (crzjane)

Congratulations to a very good artist! Wishing you good luck in Chicago!


Yay!!! That's awesome!! Way to go Katie!!


Hi! I just found your blog from another blogger, purlingswine. Grats to your daughter, and Happy Belated!


Congratulations to your dd!! Depsite the two long day trips to Chicago, it sounds absolutely perfect!!!

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