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Gettin' Grinchy with it

Some random Wednesday stuff, knitting first.

Dsc09149Are you sick of the Meathead yet?  How much blog mileage can a person get out of one goofy hat?  I haven't come to any conclusions about the embellishment yet.  I did pull out the lucet and figured out how to make a cord and... okay, that's pretty cool... not sure I can do that for very long, though.  My wrist, hand, and fingers aren't taking to that repetitive pincher action much.  I will admit, as I looped along, that I pondered using the lucet as embellishment rather than as a tool to make the embellishment.  I still love it as a finely crafted tool, love the wood.  I'll still probably use buttons and buckles as embellishment for said hat.

I finished the other front for the Coup d'Etat Cardigan and cast on for the back!  I love the pattern -- it's mostly a chart with minimal written instruction (just the particulars, mostly the numbers).  And I love how this cardigan is turning out -- with both sleeves and both fronts out of the way already, I'm on the long home stretch!

Today we'll be installing a new dishwasher.  The old one is now not only screaming louder with every load, but also leaking.  I bought, brought home, and installed the last one all by myself.  Yeah, don't ask.  It was one of those periods in our relationship.  It really feels good to know that I can do something like that, though.  This time, I stopped and looked, hubby came and looked, too, hubby hauled one home, and later today I'll play the role of lovely assistant handing over tools and aiming the flashlight.  Last time, I bought a fairly expensive dishwasher with a big name and stainless steel interior.  This time, well, it's not quite the bottom of the line, but not much further up because, dammit, if a dishwasher is only going to last 4 or 5 years...

Blogging every day for a month is harder than it looks.  Is it hard because it's November?  Hard because I threw down the gauntlet for myself at the last possible moment with barely a thought except, "Oh, I can do THAT!"?  That's kind of how I agreed to quit smoking all those months ago -- "Oh, I wanna do it, too!!  Can I?"  That turned out pretty well, I guess.  (Interesting news bit I saw yesterday, which of course I can't find right now, about how cutting back doesn't really help much to cut the risk of death from smoking.  I was a little surprised to read that in that study I'd have been classified as a "heavy smoker" at a pack a day.  I never, ever thought of myself as a heavy smoker!) Anyway, it's been interesting.  I wish I could have spent more time on it and made more of a plan.  I've never been much for the blog planning.  It usually goes like this:  sit down, write, pop up and take a picture, sit down, insert picture, write a little more, linky-dinky-do, hit "post," refill coffee cup, check Bloglines.  I apologize for any lame of late.

I like to look at the blog list for NaBloPoMo, particularly the Ks.  There's a fair number of knitters.  I like how I'm all KNITORIOUS, in all caps like that.  Heh.  The Zero Boss, also a NaBloPoMo-er, noticed and called me out in a post that I only recently discovered.  Then there's the fun NaBloPoMo Randomizer!  We love the random in the blogosphere, don't we?

One of my favorite Christmas songs is "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and pretty much the only person who can really sing it as it should be sung is Andy Williams. Katie and I heard it on the radio on our way back from Chicago recently -- on a Milwaukee radio station that plays Christmas year 'round.  It seemed a little early for that kind of thing but, well, is it?  You know, if they play it all year long...

I'm trying hard to keep the blinders on, to not be discouraged by holiday excess and idiocy -- the shopping and over-the-top, Christmas-puke-all-over-front-lawn-in-lights decorating*, in particular.  A little thought and focus goes a long way.  I'm trying to keep my inner Grinch squelched -- it almost feels like The Incredible Hulk, but not so beefy and with a little more fur.  Inundated with TV advertising for months already, watching the Christmas stuff fill the shelves fast on the heels of Back-to-School, ramping up to Black Friday and what was it that they dubbed last Monday with the internet shopping?  Only a few more weeks to go...  I've got to set a different internet home page because if I see one more story about what gifts the uber rich are giving/getting or one more car with a big red bow on top -- along with the TomKatKidRockPamelaSueBritneyLanceBrangelinadonna crap that constitutes news these days, well, I'm sorry, is some of my green fur showing?  And THEN... I have a post in draft from long ago in which I ranted a bit about about the banking and credit card "industries."  What a scam.  Have you seen the catchy, new check card commercial -- the well-oiled, musical, commerce machine brought to an abrupt and annoying halt by a customer who screws it all up by paying with cash?  Yeah, there's no percentage on total transaction to be made by a financial institution with cash.

Pardon me, I've been awake since about 4:00 a.m., tossed and turned and tried to get back to sleep until about 5:30 a.m., when I gave up and got up.  It's my frickin' day off today, too.  I should be sleeping in.

Well, and because it is Christmas and I do have to engage in commerce, I'm trying to do it well.  St. Nick treats have already been purchased from a local confectioner.  I used my always-seems-like-play-money PayPal money (that doesn't sound very fiscally responsible, does it -- and this is money that "costs" also)  to purchase the You Grow Girl 2007 Calendar as a gift -- this looks absolutely fabulous and I can't wait to see it -- and also (finally!) Stranded Color Knitting, which may or may not be a gift.

One more thing.  I was reading at Norma's today, then Mama Cate's, then I saw at Carole's later, too, all about this guy named Scott with a project who needs us to write about and link to the project and also ping.  I'm all about that.  Love showin' what knitters can do.

*ETA:   What I mean by... well, really, it's not excessive so much as "excessive."  God, I loved (probably more than I should) the house that was all over the internet last year with the lights and the music and it was synchronized and flashy and sparkly and loud -- and there was some substance, at least some creativity and know-how, some thought.  It's the yards with the hyperflashing tree over here, the light-up nativity scene over there, why not Snow White & Her Seven down over there, the walkway lined with light-up candy canes, the spotlight(s) shining on the wooden cutout santa, sleigh & reindeer (the light shining right through two neighbors' yards and into my front window, besides!), the two angels next to the carollers and Rudolph and the Grinch and the light-up, blow-up drummer boy and the thingamajig and every other light-up and/or musicalmajig that would fit into the cart at the store.  You know?  That kind of excessive!  ; )  Don't worry, I won't be calling the homeowners' assocation.  I do understand that one woman's tacky is another's Taj Mahal.



Love the Meathead embellishment! It's like a Meathead Fork! Perfect...You actually got some of green hackels to puff. We have a comedy Christmas album & this 1 song I always think of (Hark the Herald Angels Sing)
Glory Be you'll drop a grand, in commercial Christmasland...


We are guilty of the excessive "Christmas puke" lights at our house. My husband loves it, so I let him go for the glorious tackiness once a year. At least it keeps him off the streets and out of trouble. I figure it could be WAY worse as far as holiday traditions go!

I have the Christmas music lined up to go, my niece is watching "Elf" on dvd (no commercials, yay!) and we are starting to feel the holiday spirit just a bit this morning! (((hugs))))


I sympathize with your quandry over embellishment of the hat. I have a large stash of old and new buttons and I always think I can do some cool something with them--and the muse runs dry when I get them out and try placing them experimentally on the object. How about random buttons all over the hat??? Or a spiral of buttons from the tip to the edging? Or a wave of buttons going around the rim? Or....


I'm with you on Andy Williams! And everything else, too. As always.

Mary in Boston

Did you watch Gilmore Girls last night? Was wondering what your take was on the knitathon?

The meathead hat is cute, I'm just not sure about the name. The lucet is beautiful. It would make a neat embellishment. But I'd rather keep it as a tool.

Only one day left in the NaBloPoMo! You can do it!


I pretty much hide out and don't shop (except for food) until the holidays are over. It's just too painfully crazy.

I like the lucet as decoration for the hat. Really, it would work. Trust me.


I've gone to the other extreme -- as in ABSOLUTELY NO holiday decorating for the last few years. I don't miss it, but it does make our home stick out a bit like a sore thumb when all the others are lit up like Vegas and makes us look like true grinches, I suppose. I do like lights, tastefully done, but I'm too lazy to bother and just feel that the extra electricity money can be put elsewhere. I have had downright arguments with people who inSIST that their electric bill doesn't rise during this period. In the days when we only had a TREE inside with lights, and NO other lights, our electric bill doubled for that month. Last year I was telling that to people, and they said, "Well, then, WHAT'S WRONG with your wiring? There must be SOMETHING WRONG, because mine doesn't increase at ALL," and they proceeded to tell me the insane amount of garish lighting they have, inside and out. Not at ALL? Someone is not telling the truth, I'd say!

My work always gets insanely busy during the holidays, so it's just not pleasant for me to deal with pulling the crap out and putting it all away again. Bah humbug!


I don't do Christmas until Dec. 1st. Then I play soft instrumental Christmas music in my classroom (infants in daycare) for the month of December. I also don't decorate until the first weekend of December, and it's just a simple tree with simple ornaments and a few wreaths on doors. I'm a low-key kinda gal. ;-)

I hate that check-card commercial too!


Had too much caffeine today?? You make me laugh.


I stopped decorating for Christmas 9 years ago. I do put out seasonal decorations such as a greenery wreath with pine cones, etc. for winter. I just gave the last of my packed away ornaments to my daughter.


glad to see you're using that Lucet! ;)

I am always disappointed to see how much of our lives we have saved with the quitting and have to admit that everytime I think to myself, 'was it worth it for _____ weeks?'


I thought the SAME EXACT THING about that credit card commercial!!!! We must be related Grinches.....


I am way behind on christmas shopping, I have no idea when the last posting day is to the UK, no cards made, no menu written, definitely no decorations out or up, no christmas music CD organised, usually playing from 1st dec, I am thinking maybe I will be more into christmas when I get back from London on the 12th or maybe I will just spend 12 days running around like a headless chicken, I wonder which it will be!!!!


Love the Meathead hat.


I think most appliances are made to be 'disposable' now.. we had the same dishwasher issues! Remember the days when your mother had an avacado green fridge, circa 1969, and she hoped and prayed that it would die so that she could get the pretty white one, but that avacado sucker lived on forever? I wish they would find a happy medium... how about 15 years for a major appliance?


Grinchy? That's me all over but color my fur blue not green (the Boyo's on his way to the airport). As for the decorations, my peace symbol in lights goes up tonight. Nobody would DARE ask me to take it down in this town.


There is a deep and confusing love for all things "inflatable" here. I've never seen anything like it. Inflatable frankensteins at halloween and inflatable snow globes complete with multiple characters and blowing snow inside for xmess. I drove by one house the other day and they had all (about 20) of theirs laid out but not inflated yet, it looked like attack of the holiday decoration zombies. Imagine the extension cords alone!

What happened to tastesful, quiet, gentle decorations? Or tasteful, quiet, gentle anything I suppose.

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