Weekend wrap
Gettin' Grinchy with it


112806_0634I thought to use buttons and buckles for the Meathead embellishment, but exactly how is still a mystery to me.  I sifted through the button collection and found a few likely suspects -- I found more than anticipated, actually.  It's all been sitting there like that on the kitchen table, waiting for the inspiration to strike.

On a whim, I invited my sister Karen to visit this weekend.  She'll be bringing her boys -- and her quilting.  I need to clean my house!



You could put buttons all around the brim. Or a cluster on the side. Or how about a big pom-pom out of buttons?


I like that larger, darker buckle- maybe get some black satin ribbon, and use the buckle like a belt around the hat? I also like the buttons on the card- the color and shimmer looks nice on that yarn. I wish I hadn't missed out on the meathead project- that hat would be cute on my kiddos!


Oh cute, what about making the buttons into a shape, flower,heart.....


You could sew some buttons together, and then sew the button "clot" to the top of the hat!!!


Those Meathead hats were fun to knit! Have fun decorating and fun with your sis!


LOL - I like how it looks in the picture. Maybe you could just tack all that down. ;)

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