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It's so damn cute, you can hardly stand to look at it!  Alas, not quite finished.  There was that long phone call on Thursday night with one twin, cutting into the knitting time (I need a headset!), then the long phone call last night with the other twin...  I think most of the ends are woven in, so there's only seaming, the blocking, the procuring and sewing-on of some jingle bells (which I may already have somewhere in the craft stash), that attachment of some sort of strong hanger.  Dsc09119I love the fuzzy -- I'm using Lamb's Pride Worsted and carrying a strand of mohair.  I added the stripes at the toe for a touch of green down there.

Did anyone else have turkey soup for supper last night?  Yum.



Oh, Mack is a cutie! He still looks like my Goodwin- same hair color, same round, chubby cheeks! What a nice stocking! Have a great day!






It's just perfect, Vicki.


Congrats on the finished stocking! I love the snowflakes. Turkey soup at my house tomorrow!


My turkey soup is cooking right now. Cute sock.


The stocking looks great! What a cutie pie too! We didn't have our soup yet, but soon. I have a headset on my Christmas list;)


The stocking looks great and Mack is a cutie! We certainly had turkey soup for dinner last night and put about 10-11 pints of turkey stock in the deep freeze as well. Mmmm...


Lovely stockings


That kid is precious! I admire you turning out a "real" Christmas stocking, and before the holiday too... what a role model. Made DH a small, fat one with a red star the year we were engaged, but the kids haven't ever gotten ones yet...


Little Mackie is one lucky little boy!!!! Faboulous stocking, Vicki!!!!


OMG! Both are so darling - Mack and the stocking!


Oh, he ever a cutie! And so is the stocking!!! You are just too crafty............


My eyes! I didn't protect them from the cute in time!

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