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There was a dramatic shift in the weather yesterday.  This is the view out my computer/laundry room window this morning (I just saw a deer walking on the path way down there!).  It was in the 60s on Thursday, thunder and snow and 30s on Friday, sunshine and 40s today -- and pretty much the rest of the week, I guess.  Yeah, like Amy Lu says.  There's even a little hint of my still-gray-but-soon-to-be-sunny Saturday Sky for Sandy!

I have to admit that while I have a Newsgator account and sometimes like their service better than Bloglines, I use Bloglines more.  Lots more.  If you use Bloglines, you have probably noticed -- and maybe use -- the "Keep New" feature at the bottom of every post.  I currently have 10 items checked off as "Keep New."  Let's check 'em out!

1.  Vera is the "commissioner" of Needles Hooks and Yarn, a fantasy football league for crafters, and maintains a blog on "space" donated by Beth.  I saved a Week 9 post because I actually won a contest!  I am having more fun that I ever imagined with the fantasy team.  My family thinks I'm nuttier than ever with my enthusiastic whooping for a good play and then a mad dash to the computer to see how it affected my fantasy score.  ; )  Yeah, I'm now a sports nerd of gigantic proportion.  My record is currently 4-5 and I'm looking to even that off this week.  We'll see.

2.  Dyeing With Kool-Aid -- A Pictorial by Rete at Arts & Quilts is saved -- to be more permanently bookmarked (or even printed and filed) for future reference.  I have yarn, I have Kool-Aid....

3.  I ticked this post at Mustaa villaa before going to Rhinebeck.  I have admired, fondled and considered knitting a Clapotis -- in one or another of the variations I've seen -- and yet, to this day, I remain Clapotis-less.  Knowing that I'd meet Kate Gilbert at Rhinebeck, I admit to entertaining a little fantasy about choosing the yarn for my first Clapotis with the designer.  ; )  It didn't work out that way, but it's still fun to think about.  And I continue to ponder the eventual Clapotis, and admire ones like Terhi's... but OMG, so much more over there!  I dare you not to plotz when you visit her blog.

4.  Just the other day, I saw this post at Knitting in Color with resources for glove patterns.  There's always great plotz potential at Nanette's!  Just a few days earlier, it was the mittens.  I have a couple of her books on my list...

Dsc08953...I could maybe learn something useful.  I keep taking classes in color knitting, hoping to improve or learn the magic trick, but I think it's probably practice, practice, practice -- as with anything else.  This is the start of Mack's Christmas stocking.  It seemed tight when I went to bed last night, but not so bad this morning.  I'll check again before making a final determination.  This is one of those "for all time" things and I'd like it to be the best.

5.  Knitting on Impulse -- String Bag No. 3: Streamlined and Simple.  I'm sure I have previously saved Nos. 1 & 2.  I always think these would make nice "gift wrap."  Ruth just had a birthday yesterday, too.  One more for the November birthday club.

6.  Time to Knit posted the contents of an email from her aunt that I found humorous.  I've actually copied and pasted it and emailed it to a few people I know.  Thanks Lori!

7.  Going For The Masters at Wovenflame. I've had this one checked for over a month now and have contemplated joining Marlene in this endeavor -- the TKGA Master Knitting Program.  I'm still undecided, still contemplating, will definitely keep this one checked for a while yet.

8.  I have looked at this say la vee post quite a few times in the last week or so, given the birthday and all.  I think that one shall remain checked for a while yet, too.  I think I'll want to gaze upon those beautiful faces some more.

9.  This might be the oldest check in the list!  It is directions for making (including definition of) a FAVICON, and I do so want one for my blog.

10.  This struck me, as many of Anna's posts do, and I've been trying to find my voice for her.  It will come eventually.

And finally (this will come as no big surprise), as seen at Cursing Mama's and at Ann's...

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Inland North

You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."

The Midland
The Northeast
The South
The West
North Central
What American accent do you have?
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Actually, when I lived in Oregon, people often thought I was Canadian -- mostly because of the "about" and "house" pronunciations, and the like, and I admit that I do sometimes utter that unique (impossible to convey in type) "oo" (but if you've ever heard it, you know what I'm talking about -- go find a podcast featuring the Yarn Harlot, you'll hear it -- here's one, another).  I seem to be the only one in my family with this particular feature of speech, because even my own sisters point and laugh when they catch it.  I did live near Toronto for a year as a child -- during what must have been formative years -- and I think that maybe there were lasting consequences.

Tomorrow (because, you know, I'll be here), there will be some more talk of gloves and mittens and warm, warm hands.

P.S.  Have y'all gone over to say "Hello" to Yvette yet? Her new blog is And Sew To Knit, but she is definitely not new to blogland.  I found the first comment she ever left here -- May of 2004!  There have been many comments and emails since, along with a swap or two, and I was very happy that she was winner of my comment contest a while back.  Check it out.


Joan Hamer

Ooooh snow. I want some! It's morning and already 65 degrees in PA. Truly depressing for a snow lover. I'm going to check out some of your "save as new" blogs now. I think some of them are ones I've saved too.


I use "keep new" if I have a post that I want to remember to comment on but I don't have time to read the whole thing. I don't skim, you know. But other than that, I feel great pleasure in keeping my bloglines up to date.
Enjoy the snow!


I too am Clapotis-less, and heck, I can't even pronounce it, but that is one gorgeous thing. Maybe it's the colors, but I mught actually sort of want one now....

Looking forward to your mitten discussion. I have this idea for making a double knit mitten in worsted wool (double knit so I can do color work/reversible mittens) but I don't have any idea if it will actually work. Also no real plan for how to do the cuff.


I love your view today, I am going to come back and check out all your links when I have time. I dream of knitting a fabulous Clapotis one day, I do have one I knitted in crappy yarn as I was home sick and it was the only yarn I had enough of to knit it!! I still love it though. Thanks for sending everyone to say "hello", I hope they stop and say HI. Have a great weekend.


Snow! I haven't seen any here in supposedly colder Ontario but then I do live in the city (at present writing)
And for the millionth time, we do not say "abOOt"!!!!


Given that I am perpetually behind on posts and comments, keeping things new could only make my tardiness worse! I don't think us 'Canadians' would mind having you as one of our own, LOL - come on over! The snow looks nice where it is and Elizabeth is right we don't say 'abOOt.' I too have had the information on the Masters Program but there is no way I could do it now (although I do know a few brave souls who have done it - lots of fun!). Have a great weekend!


I like Bloglines too, but this week I'm trying out Google Reader. People keep gushing about how great it is so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. So far... ehhh... it's a reader. Different but not better or worse than Bloglines overall.

My issue with the readers is that I want to go to every blog rather than read from the aggregator. First of all, if I'm reading, then the blogger deserves the 'hit' on his/her stats. But also, the blog layout and colours etc form some of the context of the words, I think. So far, I haven't found a reader that is anything but awkward for how I read - I open each updated blog in a new tab (I use firefox, otherwise it would be new windows) and read each in turn, from the blog page. So where is my one button to make all happen magically, huh?

At least I figured out how to import all my subscriptions into google reader. So that's something :)


Looks like you're doing great with the lettering! Nice! I did the American accent thingie & it nailed dead on the city I grew up in! Cool & creepy. Have agreat weekend!


I mailed your yarn today even though the post office was closed for Veterans' Day. Hope you enjoy it, and glad you're having fun with fantasy football.


Inland North, too. No surprise!


What a great post! I checked out many of your links and found (no surprise) another blog or three to add to my Bloglines. Thanks! (and Canadians DO TOO say "aboot")


Look at that snow! We have some heading our way today and tomorrow. Time to dress warmly.


Thank you, kiitos, Vicki! :-)

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