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Dsc08985I got a very satisfactory amount of toothpaste out of this tube after its photo shoot this morning.  I expect to fill my brush at least one more time, maybe even two or three.  It's at the point now, though, where I have to put the brush down on the edge of the sink, in a spot where it's balanced and has a little bit of support, while I take aim with the tube and use both hands to squeeze.

Dsc08986The fact that I'm such a nut about using every last bit of toothpaste in a tube, that I actually made a special trip downstairs for the camera this morning, that I actually took a picture of my nearly-but-not-quite-empty tube of toothpaste and have given soem thought to writing about it, that no doubt y'all will have a little reaction of some sort, perhaps something to say about it or a little story to share...  mmm, yes, this is what I love about blogging.

Meanwhile, we have booked a hotel near the Merchandise Mart -- and my angst has waned a bit.  Your comments yesterday were sweet, my family was reassuring, and I've got curly hair today.  Yes, I found the electric curlers and, at the moment, curly hair helps!  We're going to leave early on Friday so we have time for a nice lunch and maybe even shopping!

I'm making a list of Latvian Mitteneers and other interested parties, thinking about some ideas for the knit-along.  Yes, Virginia, there will definitely be a knit-along!  Rule #1 will be, of course, that a book must be secured in some manner so that a pattern may be chosen; please don't ask for copies.  The most fabulous thing about this is that it's the perfect time to add Latvian Mittens to your gift list; perhaps Latvian Dreams, too, if you've been very good!  Other than that, I'll just be working things out over here in the background -- I'm very excited -- and there'll be much more after the holidays.



I'm happy to hear that the curls did the trick for mood lifting. And I always squeeze the very last bit out of the toothpaste tube, too!


I've got a tube on it's last squeezes too - bought it's replacement last week - but won't switch until there isn't anything left to squeeze. Thankfully I haven't moved to the stage where you cut the bottom of the tube off & scrape it clean.

Are we going to get to see your curly hair?


I just read your comment to the Yarn Harlot's blog about the small cheese factories and fresh warm cheese curds all over Wisconsin. Yes, I remember riding my bike from Stevens Point to several cheese factories to eat the warm cheese curds--never cold from the dairy case. Bring back the local cheese factories!!!!!

Teresa C

I have scissors in my drawer so that I can cut open the toothpaste tube and be sure to get every last drop. Same with my prescription facial cleanser. Cutting that baby open big time, I get at least five or six washes out of it after cutting it.

I can't wait to hear about the weekend. The two of you are going to have so much fun and it is such a big event. We are lucky that they still choose us to be their companions. Have a great time!


In time before memory, tubes were made of metal that was to be re-used for the war effort. My sister cut the tubes open and scraped them clean. I'm a bit younger, but pretty thorough too.
Have fun on the weekend.


I am into that KAL and I already have both books - woohoo! It's good to have a bit of time so perhaps I can actually get some knitting done...LOL I think.


Have a fabulous weekend, I am sure you will.


I am JUST LIKE THAT with the toothpaste. I wasn't raised during the Depression, but you'd never know it considering the way I make every penny beg for leniency.

I will be a Latvian Mitten Bystander/Cheerleader. ;-)

Jane (crzjane)

I squeeze the tube until it's really empty. I have been know to take my MK facial cleanser tube, cut it in half and store in a ziplock sandwich bag. The cutting open of the tube just simples opens up a whole now approach to tube emptying. ;-)


Not a drop wasted!!


Where's the photo of you in curls?! Glad they did the trick, from someone often trying to smoothe down the frizz, hee, hee.


I remember these plastic "key" sorts of things that would fit over the end of the toothpaste tube and then you would roll the tube around this key and squeeze out every last little bit ..... wonder if they still make them?


Vicki, we use this toothpaste squeezer thingie that we got at wal-mart for a buck... we found the package hanging in the toothpaste aisle. you slide the end of the tube into the slot, and then push it up as you go, and it makes getting 'every last drop' easier. :)


That's funny, I'm the same way about my toothpaste. I have a method for pushing the last "globs" out with my thumb through my 1st & mid finger-kinda like giving a shot. Gets the last of it every time!

Dixie Grilley, Yellow Dog

I want to do the KAL! I'm just the opposite, I like fat full tubes of Tpaste. I don't like them once they start to get lumpy! Wink. Oh my God! I just realized how bad that sounds! You have permission NOT to post this comment!


Try a paint scraper and a hard surface to push the last bits up to the nozzle, although I usually just use the edge of my toothbrush... :o)

I have Latvian Mittens, put me on your list!


I've had the book and the yarn for a year, just been getting up the courage - count me in! :)


The neat squeeze tubes--when you get to the bitter end with them--the toothpaste flies out and sometimes hits the mirror.

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