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Can you hair me now?

T is for...

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Nothing tempts me quite like chocolate.  This is a box that I received for my birthday, custom-filled with my favorites -- turtles and meltaways.  I'm always given a box of chocolates from a local chocolatier for my birthday, sometimes for Christmas, usually for Valentine's Day -- and that's enough.  I am sometimes quite selfish with my chocolates and unwilling to share.  ; )  I love the jordan almonds, too.  They used to sell boxes of jordan almonds at the movie theater and they were my favorites because I could make 'em last for nearly an entire movie!



Oohh- that is a tempting T! The meltaways look so yummy! We have a favorite local chocolatier as well, reserved for special occasions, rarely shared with the kids, since they wouldn't appreciate the subtle flavors, let alone the price. Hmmm, maybe a 'special" occasion should come up soon....


Oooh, they look great, off to find some chocolate of the non-sharing variety!


Oh, oh my, they do look good even at 8:00 in the morning. Jordan Almonds are my favs, too!


T is for Temptress! Because that's what you are, posting those gorgeous chocolate photos.


Ooohhhh that's naughty!!


Hey! I didn't have lunch yet! No fair!

Teresa C

Thanks. Just today I was giving up chocolate for a little while. Maybe just one......


Oh, yum. Temptation indeed.




I can almost smell the chocolate... ahhhh.


Dang those look good! I've often thought of eating only chocolate for just one bad could it be?

Jane (crzjane)

Yummy, that looks really good. And I don't blame you for not shareing. Enjoy every last one of them. That is the best "eye candy" I have seen yet!


As my dial up was slowly loading the photos I ventured to guess T is for Turtles but I see it is for so much more. Good thing I just had a piece of chocolate retirement cake for a couple of co-workers


The chocolates look delicious... but what I really want to see is your new haircut! :)

Cindy B

Okay Vicki, stop trying to distract us chocolate . . . where is the hair photo?????


Dude. D is for DYE! What's the hair lookin' like?


Please.take.chocolate.picture.away!!! Too yummy!!

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