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Thanks for the nice comments on Mack's stocking!  I thought I'd post a photo for scale -- the thing's about as tall as he is!  I'm so happy that it went home with him yesterday.

112506_1430_1Birdsong requested a photo of the Mango Moon scarf for the Red Scarf Project that I'm Knitting Unto Others in a comment wherein she also said, basically, that she'd be prayin' for me as I ride shotgun with Madeleine, a greenhorn behind the wheel.  Well, there's the progress on the scarf up there -- I plan to finish that off today during football -- and there's a photo of Maddy driving me around.  She got a little time in on residential streets, country roads, and the highway, and executed a Y-turn (with help because my suggestion was rather ill-timed).  She also parked at the grocery store and I don't think I've ever parked so far from the door before in my life!

Hm, something seems familiar in that scarf photo...  Look what's back for a tweaking -- it's Shirley Shrugs!!  Did I mention that one side was a wee bit longer than the other?  I need to fix that.  I also need to shorten the underarm seams a bit, as Mom finds it a little too tight right now.  She'll try it that way for a while, but said she might possibly have me un-do the seams altogether so she could wear it as a shawl.  ; )  I really wouldn't mind that at all -- I think it makes a wonderful, warm shawl.  I plan to post more details about my pattern modifications, particularly the short row shoulders.

Last night, I went to the movies!  Casino Royale... it was great!  It was the perfect movie for my mood and very, very well done.



Mack has some big shoes, er, big sock to grow into. He'll be lovin' that when he gets to empty it. I knit Christmas socks for my boys but had no idea when I started just how big they would end up being. They're at least 3 feet long. Cowardly cheapskate that I am, I never filled them.

My best wishes to you and Maddy as she drives and you knit to remain calm.


Goodness! I didn't realize the stocking was so big. Gorgeous knits and photos, Vicki.


The Mango Moon scarf looks great. Glad you like the yarn, and it's going to a good cause.


Oh my! That is one cool stocking. Mack will cherish it forever! The scarf looks great. I'm nearly ready to start one for RSP, too.


The sock looks wonderful. They will have fun filling that! I can't believe how much Mack has grown.


Wow, that is some stocking! A great scarf too... as for the driving, get as many hours in during good weather as you can. 40 is the magic number of hours.


Great knitting! Wouldn't it be great if we all had stockings as big as we are? Mango Moon is looking beautiful.


Mack is going to LOVE the size of that stocking. And it will stretch a bit each time Santa fills it. :-)


Your stocking is great, Mack is going to love it. What a cutie Mack is. Your Mango Moon scarf looks gorgeous.


Mack's stocking is awesome! I love huge's an event in itself opening everything you can stuff in there.

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