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I bought the yarn on the way home yesterday, cast on as the game began, was on the increasing side of the short row pattern by the second-half kick-off, and bound off with several minutes to spare as the Packers pulled a win out of nowhere.

Love this pattern -- what a wonderful, quick knit, and perfect for a gift.  I still need to find a button in the collection, but I'm counting it as another one down.

Calorimetry from Knitty, one skein of Filatura di Crosa 127 Print (color 28), size US8 needles, three hours.


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That was quick! You did a very nice job, too.


No! I can't start anything new right now! Durn you people anyway! *This* is the problem with blogs - soooo hard to resist starting new stuff. And why can't the FdC Print come in orange and black?


I thought about you all last night as I also watched the game and cheered right along with you! I just love that Brett!! Merry Christmas!!


When you knit your Calorimetry, did you find that the 120 stitches made it too long or was it just right with the Filatura di Crosa 127 Print?


Cute! It's a neat pattern, and I really like mine.


I've set that pattern aside for princess - I think she'll love it with her long hair.

That was one of the worst games in the history of football - kinda hard to get behind a rivalry when neither team looks good MEH!


What a beauty! You probably made three more already...


OMG where were you last night when I was giving up on my last teacher gift! I could have made this in time, damn damn damn. LOL

It's really adorable nice work:)


The pattern is adorable and that yarn comes in such great colors. Have fun!


tempting, very tempting....


Oh, I MUST make that!


Hmmm, I hadn't even thought about making this pattern until I saw yours. . . but that would be wonderful for my daughter. Great job.


Your muklucks are very cute. I use a curved upholstery needle when attaching leather soles - MUCH easier on the hands!

Bookish Wendy

I love how well suited this yarn is for this pattern. I saw one at an LYS and was amazed!

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