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I met five women from my book club for holiday socializing last night at an establishment that just opened last week in an old, renovated mill on the river.  We concentrated on the Martini page of the drink menu this time; next time, Bubbly Drinks.  Two of the five women admitted to shedding tears in the car -- either while driving or in the parking lot -- frustrated and overcome by the pressures and demands of the holidays. The other four (m'self included) are teetering on the brink -- those tears could start to flow at any moment.  Honestly, a martini social is exactly what was needed -- emphasis on the social because, being brand new, the martinis weren't exactly flowing, but it was just enough and we were all home by nine.  And no one was crying on the way out!

Actually, I'm really doing okay.  Saturday will be melt-down day for me, if there is to be one.  I made several lists yesterday and crossed off plenty, including most of the stops-to-make.  I have needles to sew the Mackluks for one nephew, gag gift to accompany cash for another nephew, DVD game for a third nephew, and another gag gift for the fourth nephew (I still need something for the remaining nephew).  I had my niece pretty much covered in the gift stash, but felt something was missing...  I found it this morning at Vera's, when I saw her post featuring Calorimetry again -- I think my niece would love that!  It's so quick and small, it'll hardly count as Christmas knitting at all.  ; )

I made a big pan of fudge, but still need to get to the truffles.  I have all the ingredients (half the battle) and tomorrow is another day -- a day that holds promise of more available hands for all the rolling and chopping and dipping, and is also another day off.  I like how that turned out this year... the normal day off on Wednesday, back to work for a day (today/Thursday) and a chance to regroup, then off another day before the official holiday weekend begins.  I have Boxing Day off, too, also (and more importantly) known as DH's birthday 'round here.

So here's the plan for the next few days:

Friday:  Truffle day.  Lunch and clean-up shopping, including stop at LYS (one or both -- I'll just happen to be in both neighborhoods) for Calorimetry and DH's birthday slipper socks.  Start (and possibly finish) Calorimetry for niece, consider whether any of my girls would want one (I'll have already purchased extra yarn at the LYS); start slipper socks.

Saturday:  Clean and wrap.  Finish Calorimetry(s) and/or start/work on slipper socks.  Sister & family due to arrive at 7:00-ish.  Frostini bar open at 7:05-ish, though Quality Control reserves the right to start earlier.

Sunday:  Mack due to arrive (with his mom).  Cooking, knitting, dinner and presents at Mom's.  Santa's coming!!

On the horizon...  Spotted at Stumbling Over Chaos (that Chris, she's always got the scoop), the UFO Resurrection Challenge 2007, sponsored by Kat with a K.  I've got Cromarty, three "pairs" of socks, a cardi needing buttons, a chenille top from a Rowan book, and a Flower Basket Shawl -- and that's all without thinking very hard.  There's plenty more where that came from.  I've signed up!



Being organized is the key and it seems like you're in control!


You are a whirling dervish! You'll get it all done as you have a good plan. It also sounds like you know how to enjoy your family...the best part of Christmas!


I hadn't really looked at that Calorimetry pattern until I saw it at Vera's either. It's too cute!


Now how did I miss that Calorimetry pattern at Knitty? That's what I love about the blogs...well, ONE thing.
It's so hard to strike a happy medium at the holidays. This is our first year without the kids. :( All or nothing, huh?


You'll get the important stuff done. A martini night sounds great. A while back, my husband and I started having martinis on Thurs. night as we watch The Office and Grey's Anatomy. Yum!


Isn't it a shame that women always bear the brunt of any holiday stress? The most men think of it is a few hours shopping on Christmas Eve and then kick back with a drink and a nice meal (shopped for and made by somebody else)
Don't worry about getting it all done. Enjoy your family. And we definitely want to see the Mackluks in motion on his little feet!

Mary in Boston

Vicki, you are so blessed! Thanks for sharing your holiday preps with your readers. Especially the frostini recipe! (will come in very very handy this holiday)

Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family. May you all have a wonderful time.


Hee hee - that's me, scooping away! Good luck getting everything done while maintaining your sanity......


I hear you on the busy! I've got 3.5 tied fleece pillows yet to make, a felted bag to finish knitting and felting (yeah, it'll be given damp!) goodies to package up (two kinds of granola, chocolate dipped spoons, cocoa mix), cards to finish, and packing for a 10 hour drive. Whew. A martini sounds great right about now! Hope you have a happy holiday! Love the Macklucks, by the way!


I hear ya on the meltdown... I have been trying to stay away from the brink for a few days now...


I would help you if I was closer. Although I got nothing to do and I'm so so happy about it. Just me and my baby. ;-)

Did Present Ann ever tell you about Future Ann? Maybe you should right Future Vicki a not about taking it easy for the holidays. ENJOY!


Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family. You can do it we know....A UFO ressurection challenge lines up good with my joining of the knit from your stash 2007 thingie. I'll have to join!


Yes: half the battle of holiday baking is getting the ingredients. It's like So. Much. Work. to get to the market.


That's the way to get those last minute gifts done! Merry Christmas, Vicki. Many blessings to you and your family.

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