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Flashback to February

I had a flashback on Friday night when I tuned in to Ice Wars for the visual and auditory accompaniment to my knitting -- right back to February, Williamsro, and the excitement of the Olympics, knitting and otherwise.  ; )  I tuned in late, but may I just say that Brian Boitano is still elegance and perfection on skates; that Kurt Browning is one of the most charismatic, talented and entertaining showmen who ever strapped on a blade; and that I wish that darn way-back machine would work because Scott Hamilton never failed to both amuse and inspire, but he's a pretty good announcer, too.  Dick Button has gotten on a nerve or two of late, but I can't really imagine figure skating without him -- he's been the voice since I began watching as a little girl.

Dsc06655buttIt's been almost 10 months, then, since I asked that age-old question:  Does this sweater make my butt look big?

120506_1038It's very timely, too, that an email from blogless, lurking, fellow Wisconsinite Angie arrived wherein she asked about Williamsro.

Truthfully, after my short-lived (life got in the way), celebratory, post-Olympic party, flushed with victory and wondering what to do next, I became more and more unhappy with Williamsro each time I pulled it on.  I'd been warned about the tendency of Cash Iroha to relax and grow and that certainly did happen.  I'd always been just a little bit unhappy with the number of stitches picked up for that bottom part knit in the Blossom, too.  I've talked about doing it over, possibly even knitting it just a wee bit shorter.  I don't think it made my butt look big in February, but I think it does now (granted, I think my but actually is a little bigger now).

I am wearing it today.  It's the coldest day of the year so far -- wind chill in the single-digit-below-zero area this morning and thank god there wasn't much wind -- and I do believe it's the warmest sweater I have.  (I wore St. Brigid yesterday -- I try to wear it once a week, unless I have an opportunity to wear it more where I won't be running into the same people.  I wear it as much as I can, would wear it everyday if I could, and I may need to knit myself another Aran soon.)  It's not as bad as I remembered.  It may be that more than just my butt are a little bigger, despite the months-long dalliance with Weight Watchers.  Whatever.  That's obviously not bothering me enough to do anything about it except for the occasional whine.

In conclusion:  I am warm and toasty today; the Cash Iroha pills a bit more than I think an expensive yarn should; I'd still like to re-knit the bottom Blossom part (that'll be a big pain in my big ol' butt to frog); I think Williamsro would be wonderful in a 100% wool yarn; I have the rejected, redder Blossom that I bought in NYC that would love to must knit into the vest I saw at Julia's yesterday that I can't believe I never, ever saw anywhere before!

You can see in today's (in the bathroom) picture that there's still a bandaged finger -- a different one than yesterday.  I can still knit, though sometimes clumsy, and it's due to nothing other than our recent, sudden, but not unexpected cold, dry weather.  Cracking, peeling, splitting, ouch.  I can knit well enough that I should have all the pieces to Coup d'Etat set to block tomorrow.  ; )



I think it looks great and your butt looks great and you're great! ;-)


I think it looks great too, I have never asked if my Noro cardi makes my bum look big, it probably does but I don't care because I love it, it is definitely the warmest cardi I have and I wear it all the time. Only change it if you absolutely hate it, can't live with it, won't wear it the way it is.


I've seen your butt and it's not too big so I wouldn't stress about it. Just wear the sweater and enjoy it's warmth - it's gorgeous!


Thanks for your comments on Williamsro... I've been thinking of making it, and now I'll feel better about substituting a less expensive yarn for the Cash Iroha. :)


OK, I am clearly in the minority here but I think horizontal stripes make ANYONE'S butt look big. Rip the bottom out and make it in something that doesn't stripe. The front view is gorgeous!


Truthfully, doesn't every woman think their butt looks big? ;-) If it's bothering you to the point of not wearing your lovely sweater, then frog, I say.

I'm having that splitting/cracking problem, too, even with our much greater humidity here. I wash my hands 40-50 times a day (I work in a daycare with young infants) so my hands take quite a beating. As soon as I put on lotion, I wash it right back off again. And the yarn sure does catch on that dry skin, doesn't it?

I'm glad St. Brigid is getting some wearing-love - that sure is a beautiful sweater!


I agree with Lee about the horizontal stripes, but am also wondering if you aren't being too critical of your figure... heck, getting to wear a warm, cozy handknit that you made for yourself is pretty great! I don't think we can expect to look as svelte in winter-bundled wardrobes as in summer clothes, but we DO need to keep warm when the temps drop so low.


Well I didn't "know" you in Feb, but you look great in your sweater! Enjoy the warmth it give you. Ewww cracked fingers! i get them too & I live in FL. Mine would probably fall off up there ;)


I think it looks fabulous on you! I wore my Olympic sweater yesterday, too, and was definitely appreciating its warm toastiness.


For the cracked fingers: try Vaseline or Bag Balm slathered on at bedtime, and put a pair of cotton gloves on if you don't want to risk getting the grease on the sheets. You probably won't have to do it every night.

On the subject of butts: they are SUPPOSED to be big, it's the wide hips that bear the children. Not that yours is, you understand, I'm just sayin'. Have you ever heard "Fat-Bottomed Girls" by Queen? It makes me smile every time I hear it.

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