Christmas past

I am EXHAUSTED (in a good way)!!!  Here are a few holiday knitting highlights.

Dsc09427 Dsc09428 Dsc09429

For a few minutes, I didn't think I'd ever get a shot of the Mackluks in action... or, rather, not in action.

Dsc09388 Dsc09454

Calorimetry looks like it was made for my niece!  Hey, what do ya know?  It was!!

In the knitterly gifts-for-me department, I received a copy of "Folk Shawls" from DH and Katie gave me a gift certificate for a local yarn shop.

Dsc09460_1 Dsc09461

I stayed up 'til the wee hours on the 26th, sewing knit uppers to suede soles for DH's birthday slipper socks.  Holy cow, there are a lot more holes in the 11" sole than in the 5-incher!  I guess I thought they'd be spaced differently or something... they're not.  DH was fast asleep by the time I finished, and I swapped old slippers for new in the place at the foot of the bed where he keeps them.  He recognized the knitting right away, of course, because I'd been working on them right under his nose for two days, but I can be quite convincingly vague, when necessary, about what I'm working on:  "Oh, just some socks or something."  They fit wonderfully.

Per unanimous decision, I baked oatmeal for birthday breakfast instead of baking a cake!  He likes oatmeal for breakfast and eats it often, and I've been wanting to try this for quite a while -- though I never, hardly ever actually make breakfast -- so it was a nice treat for all.  And yummy.  It smelled divine and tasted delicious (thanks for the recipe, Gretchen)!  The girls had him open their gifts at different times during the day.  It's a toughie, celebrating a birthday the day after Christmas, making an effort to keep it his special day and not an extension of Christmas (or, more likely, rushing it and rolling it right into Christmas).  Birthdays matter, no matter your age, and even if a person says they don't matter, they really do.  I know we did our jobs successfully today when DH said that he felt "cared for" and that he could sense the thoughtfulness that went into choosing his gifts.  You know, a couple of CDs and some socks and a book (some of these things from Goodwill) -- nothing outrageous, nothing expensive -- but they're things that he mentioned, that he wanted, that he knew took a little bit of effort (or time to knit/sew), just for him.  Can't ask for more than that on your birthday.  ; )

I'm back to work tomorrow -- Wednesday -- but it'll definitely feel like Monday, what with the holiday and the extra day off today (not to mention Friday off, too), and I'll have LOTS to catch up on and do, so if you need me, you know where I'll be.  ; )  I'll try to come up for air a few times!!



Excellent slipper socks for Mack and good for you for finishing hubby's too. Back to work for me today, too. Blech.


Work. Me. Too. Yuk. Your gifts are fabulous! And if I had a birthday on the 26th of Dec, I'd wanna be related to you!


Oh, the Makluks are adorable!! And I'm glad your DH liked his, too - funny that you knit them right under his nose!!


Warm feet at your house! Enjoy your days off!


Those Mackluks just may be the cutest Christmas gift ever. Hope re-entry is okay today.


Cutest feet ever on that Mack. Glad you had such a good Christmas and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUSTY!!! Capricorn's ROCK!

Good luck at work today - thanks for letting me know where you'll be in case I need you. ;-)


Oh, those big and little mukluks are the greatest. I need some!


Mukluks in action. I just love the chunky little legs in the third pic, they look like they stay up well.
Christmas birthdays can suck. My Christmas Eve one was uh...memorable this year anyway. Story later.


What cute slipper socks! The little ones are extra cute! Where did you get the pattern from?! I have some rolls of leather just asking to be made into some of these:)


Vicky – thank you for sharing the gorgeous pictures, both past and present. Lovely! Thanks also for your comments about blogging. I am going to be setting up a blog very soon (I finally purchased a digital camera ~ joy!), so these are helpful to me. Thanks for being frank and for the inspiration. I’m looking forward to going from “blogless Sue” to having a blog home of my own.


All of the hand-knits look fantastic!


Oh no, you don't get away that easy. You must post the recipe for the baked oatmeal. Please 8-0


Love the action shots of Mack! Awesome gift. You must be so proud...all of them!


So glad you liked the baked oatmeal! Those slippers are cute! Very tempting to make... Glad you had such nice holidays!

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