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Dsc09360The first little Mackluk has been sewn and, oh my goodness, is it ever a charmer!  You can't look at it without going, "Awwww," and picking it up.  I can't wait to see them on his feet.  It makes one want to start a Mackluk factory -- almost.  In the end, I used a length of the yarn for the sewing and a large darning needle that I already had.  My hand got a little crampy with sewing, so I'll do the other one today.

Dsc09355I found the perfect button for Calorimetry in the button stash -- I'm sure it was one of Grandma's or Great Grandma's and I'm happy to have found such a great use for it.

DH will commence with the pies as soon as he's finished with breakfast -- one apple, two pumpkin.  I will do the cranberries after that.  Never did get to the truffles... but I did get a lot of cleaning done yesterday!  I had to make a mad dash to the sew/vac shop at 11:50 a.m., right after dumping a full vacuum cleaner bag into the trash and discovering that we didn't have any more!  It was a safe bet that the shop closed at noon on Saturday and it's the only place I know of that carries the bags I need!  (File for future reference: they're open Saturdays 'til 1:00).  On the way over, I wasn't sure if I should be mad or glad -- mad that someone used the last vacuum cleaner bag and didn't make note of it, or glad that someone else actually used the vacuum cleaner!



Very, VERY cute!


Those Mackluks are gonna KILL me! Have a wonderful, cozy, happy Christmas Eve, Vicki. :)


I'm sure the Mackluks will be well received! Merry Christmas!


As between vacuuming and jumping in the car, you got the better end of the deal, for sure. Also, the mukluk(s?) are adorable. Happy holiday...


The little foot inside the Mackluk will be fabulously warm!! Merry, Merry Christmas Even and Day, Vicki. XOXO


Season's Greetings !



Adorable little mukluk! Enjoy the day and all of your family. Merry Christmas!

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