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It's all about the feet

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KnittedthankyouSocks from Celia!  Can you believe it?  Handknit socks just for me.  My name was drawn from the pot of contributors to her Kicking Asthma drive last summer.  They arrived in yesterday's mail and they are delightful.  Thank you, Celia, thank you so much.  I adore them -- especially the bright toes!  Forgive the poor pictures -- I was multi-tasking, amusing myself with the camera's timer feature while talking on the phone with one of my sisters (when shall I expect her? how long is she staying? what is she bringing?).  I promise I'll get better ones.

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Where have all the needles gone?  I can't find a single hand-sewing needle!  I have... at least four sewing baskets and three machines, miles and miles of thread... and no needles.  They're on my shopping list!  There will eventually be shopping today.  I went through my gift stash bin last night and am sitting much better than I'd anticipated, so not as much shopping as I'd feared.

Dsc09328Hubby is completely jealous of the socks.  He was eyeing up the ones Celia sent and I swear, if they hadn't already been on my feet, they might have ended up on his!  He was watching in awe (love that) as I pinned the uppers to the lowers on the Mackluks, made a wistful comment about how they're similar to the ones I bought him a few years ago.  (I've actually bought a few pairs of slipper socks for him over the years.)  Anyway, I think I'm totally on track with the making a pair for his birthday, but I'm having second thoughts about the color I chose.  He said he really liked the color of Mack's and this is what I was planning to use.  Should I add LYS to my list?  Go ahead, twist my arm...

I'm in charge of chocolate and cranberries this year, so truffles and fudge will be cooking up in the kitchen today!  I'm going to make Aunt Mabel's Cranberry Pie Cake again because, well, it's so darn easy, why not!  I'm not over the magic of that yet.



I'll bet your hubby likes the color you have picked out for the slipper socks. But I'm not one to sway you from shopping at the LYS! It sounds very festive around your neck of the woods.


Oh, what fun socks from Celia!! And the MackLucks are really so very cool.

Cooking up truffles? Mmmmm - can I come sit in your kitchen for the afternoon? I promise I won't sneak too much of the chocolate... ;)


Look at you in St Brigid. God I wish we lived closer. I want to jump in and give you a huge HUG!!!


You deserve those socks, honey bun! Enjoy them. I've been baking all money and it smells like Christmas around here. MMmmm.


What a great treat! And a great introspective post yesterday, I don't know how I missed it.


Makes me warm just thinking about it! Really nice socks!


I adore that picture of you!


HOORAY! I can FINALLY post about those socks. I just LOVED knitting them, knowing they would finally go to you. And it was fun, thinking what might appeal to you. Yay! Hooray! I love seeing them on your feet!


I dig the sweater-booties!


lucky you...i have that color in the stash but knit 'em way too tight!

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